Wisdom tooth removal in 5 MIN or less

As a classically trained surgeon, Dr. Antipov has expertise in a wide variety of procedures. He offers tooth extractions of all types, including Wisdom Teeth, which can present challenges to proper tooth and jaw alignment. He is also experienced in Bone Graft surgery, which is often the best way to re-establish the bone foundation patients need in order to secure tooth implants.



Tip for anyone who’s gonna have their teeth removed and got scared: I took all 4 of mine last month and it’s not as bad as this makes it seem. This is from the dentist’s pov, you don’t feel a thing (if your dentist isn’t stupid). If you’re afraid of needles then anesthesia is gonna suck, but it’s not a big deal, just a little uncomfortable. I didn’t feel ANY pain during the extraction. You can sense that they’re touching your mouth and doing something there, and you can feel pressure, but no pain. The post op is also not that bad (again, depends on how good your dentist is at what they do). I could talk normally about 4 hours after the procedure and only felt discomfort during the second day. It’s alright and you’ll survive.

Disappointed Father:

Just had my removed, and the anesthesia works like a charm. One moment, I’m in the dentist chair, the next, I’m being helped out of a wheelchair into my friend’s car. Your mouth will obviously be sore, but everything will be fine.

Josephine GG:

for anyone who’s nervous about getting their wisdom teeth out: the pain is very minimal, it’s the same level of pain as getting a new wire for braces (for those who had braces), the maximum pain you’ll feel is a 4/10. A week before you go in, eat all your favorite foods because the mental torture of not being able to eat solids will hurt more than the holes lol. Stay on top of the ice packs and heat packs and you’ll recover super fast!! Don’t use straws, don’t suck on anything, make sure you keep the blood clots in the holes and you’ll have very little pain! I’m three days post-op and it’s way less scary and painful than i tricked myself to believe it would be

Dee Snuts:

Just had both my upper wisdom teeth taken out. It was super fast and painless thanks to my awesome doctors. No drilling involved. I was awake and used local anesthesia. Less than 30 minutes in and out then I drove back home. It’s not as scary as what people make it out to be


For anyone who gets freaked out by this, don’t worry about it. The anesthesia works, my surgeons had to tell me to stop singing during the surgery. Just make sure you have a bunch of ice packs ready for the recovery.

Noor Said:

I just got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out a few days ago under local anesthesia. It was actually incredibly easy. I surprisingly really enjoyed being awake and seeing the team do everything. The only thing that hurt was the numbing, but after that, I didn’t feel a thing. The only day that really hurt was the initial day and Ibuprofen was the holy grail. The healing was super fast. In my opinion, I am so incredibly happy that I did them all in one go. There is no way I would’ve done it in two or more separate occasions. Don’t be afraid and just get it over with 🙂 You got this!


for everyone looking at this before getting their wisdom teeth removal: i just got one of mine removed a few hours ago and it looks A LOT worse than it actually feels, i’m sure you will be okay

Nazik Adam:

My wisdom tooth saw this and i can feel her slowly retreating back into my gums, God bless this video🙏🏿💕
Edit: i got my wisdom tooth removed and it went exactly like this, never again😣😣😣😣.


Hey guys, for whoever’s getting their wisdom tooth removed here’s my advice. I’m 16 and I got both of my lower wisdom tooth removed because they were impacted. The surgery process was not painful at all, the doctor will give you enough numbing shots before your surgery. I was wide awake during the surgery. After the surgery, your doctor will give you advice on your consumption, curing process, etc. The doctor may give you painkiller pills and antibiotic pills to consume for a week after your surgery. You will start to feel pain after your numbness starts to wear off. You will start to feel a lot more pain on the second day, try to cope with it, don’t focus on the pain too much. After that, you will start to feel much better. This is my experience as a wisdom tooth surgery patient.


I just had this surgery done this morning, and I saw this video last week. Honestly guys, it’s nowhere near as bad as it looks in this video, you are completely numbed up, and you feel absolutely nothing, and it is extremely quick. The key is to find an oral surgeon who is comforting, and very experienced. I was extremely terrified as i have a phobia of dental work, but it was over before i knew it.