Wisdom tooth pain and advice

Dr Chhaya Chauhan explains the common types of pain associated with wisdom teeth and what you can do to help reduce or eradicate the pain.



I love how much information you gave in such a short time this video deserves way more likes for the view count!! Great video, thank you!

Moodii Person:

Mine are coming in at the moment, still up in the gum yet not through yet all the way. I doubt they’re stuck, because I can feel them just a tiny bit through the gum. But if you’re hurting, let me tell you. You’re teething as an adult basically, so what I do is take Ibuprofen whenever I feel the slightest bit of pain so it doesn’t progress further, then I eat on a popsicle here and there. Works like a charm for me till I can get mine pulled since getting them cut would be out of my price range.

Alexander Tucker:

I have a question. I think my wisdom tooth is going through a growth spurt, but I can open my mouth only a little before experiencing more pain. This is my fourth day of experiencing pain from my wisdom tooth, but the pain has been alleviating somewhat. Do you think my wisdom tooth could be infected, or that I can wait before going to the dentist?
Thanks in advance

Sir Matthews:

It’s killing me right now. I can see this white thing peeking underneath my gums but part of my gum is still covering the outter part. It burns and aches I keep rinsing my mouth out with Listerine, peroxide and sometimes canker-sore gel.😫

Lance M:

My wisdom teeth started to come in last year January. It was quite painful, I thought my teeth was gonna come out! My dentist said that they’re impacted. The pain only lasted a few days but even now once in a while I do get a little pain, and I suddenly got bad breath a few weeks ago.
Is my impacted wisdom teeth causing my bad breath?

Love Ari&LEE:

My tooth is on my nerve!! I’ve went to several dentists!! I have a couple of months until a consolation. This is so painful; the worst pain I’ve ever been in.
Idk what to do I’ve tried everything
I want to cry so bad. I hate this. Everyone is getting their teeth pulled out I need mine pulled out but I can’t even get it done.

Masato Sugano:

Hi, I’m from the Philippines and I just got my impacted wisdom tooth in the last 3 weeks or so. Then I just got to the dentist today and he said it was an impacted wisdom tooth. They said I need to get an x-ray first and remove my braces, but apparently my parents can’t afford the removal if only I could find a job here in the Philippines, where the lack of requirements and minimum wages are too bad. I guess I’m just going to suffer.