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One of the most common reason is Pericoronitis:
But what is pericoronitis?
Pericoronitis is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding a third molar. So Most people with pericoronitis wisdom tooth, have a flap of gum tissue partially covering the crown of the erupting tooth. Now this is an ideal place for the food accumulation which gives cavity-causing bacteria a place to grow.


Iram Contractor:

Very well explained and illustrated. Thank you!

CA Enterprise LLC:

During work completed on face today, the medical doctor made a comment after filling my face with Juvederm products that there were very hollow spaces. Wisdom teeth extractions were completed both on top and the bottom on the left side of my face last year. After extractions, those spaces were to be filled with plugs but was never filled by the dentist. This was also mentioned at the follow-up appointment but no action taken upon. State of Maryland insurance was used to cover both the extraction appointment and the follow-up the appointments. Most of the Juvederm syringe was used on the left side of my face to match the right side of my face as the doctor and his staff made considerable notice of the difference in symmetry of left side from right side. Request to submit this video to the US Supreme Court.

Lonnie G:

Woke up with a sore jaw. This is like my 3rd time dealing with these things lol

Simerjeet singh:

I was undergone surgery last year . It was very painful . Doctor says that my wisdom tooth was deep (left lower side)
I don’t know he gives me some painkiller injection during operation . But still I feel so much pain when they cut the tooth in peace . .. 😤😤😤😤

Laura Young:

Im having weird pain under jaw, right through my ear, also when swallow same time and stretch my head up.. what is it? Its new to me… Could having toothache cause that?

Padmini C:

I’m having both the side upper and lower teeth .need to remove both sides .I’m not having pain but having bad breath . Also now I’m pregnant so is it okay to remove after my delivery??

Pankaj Bhagat:

Hi Doctor, i am having wisdom tooth problem, can i send u my tooth Xray for your kind suggestion

Annihilator Gaming:

My jaw doesnt have enough space for wisdom tooth. Had all four of them removed. First one was at 2012 and forth one was yesterday 2021.