Wisdom teeth removal and Pericoronaritis

What is pericoronitis and what other complications can wisdom teeth cause? How is wisdom teeth extraction performed?


The Mac Tonight:

If you’re getting your wisdom teeth removed soon, read this. I was in your shoes a few months ago and noticed the comments were full of people terrified of getting their teeth removed but as someone who already got mine taken out, I can tell you from experience that it was an extremely quick procedure and my recovery took less than a week. Now I’m someone that is NOT a fan of needles so the thought of getting an IV scared me but the nurses were super helpful in making me feel more comfortable and the needle is tiny and you actually don’t even feel it. The thought of getting put under also freaked me out with the whole “count down from 10” thing everyone says in their videos, but for me I was just talking to the nurses before blacking out and next thing I knew they were telling me it was over and I could leave. The numbness was weird but not a big deal and the pain was minimal throughout. Not once did I experience a dry socket, nausea, or any kind of extreme pain and sleeping was also pretty easy. I ate soup and pasta for a week before slowly and carefully moving on to more solid foods and flushing out my gums after eating anything. You’ll be fine and hopefully your recovery goes well. God bless.


Got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. The removal itself wasn’t that painful but once the effect of anaesthesia faded away , it began to hurt. Swallowing food and water is kinda difficult now. Hope it heals soon.

Rachael G:

Everyone gets a different experience when getting your wisdom teeth removed. Don’t just go by what one person tells you because you might have the opposite effect. In my case, all four were removed at once, and mines were growing horizontally. I was awake throughout the procedure, it took like 20 minutes or so. They numbed my gums and honestly the needle didn’t hurt when they inserted it to my gums. It’s the aftercare is what really screwed me over. My whole face got swollen and my cheeks bruised really badly. I didn’t go to school for at least a week and a half. I also fainted from the amount of blood loss I had.

Chris M:

I just had my horizontal wisdom tooth removed. It didn’t hurt (I was numbed) but there was alot of pressure. But it was taken out fast, felt alot of pressure for maybe 2-3 minutes while the dentist was removing it. Recovery is going well! Don’t be scared!

Kabar K who is kabar k:

The best thing I ever did before leaving the military (USMC) was having all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at one time . The navy dentist did an amazing and quick removal.

John Ackerman:

I got my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 17. They put me under, and within a week I was feeling much better. The good thing is my teeth were beneath the gums so it was easy to get them out

H. Preston:

I had my wisdom teeth removed summer 2007. My bottom right tooth was horizontal like in the video. The pain was worse than both of my labor experiences and c sections combined. In the middle of the surgery, my anesthetic wore off and I felt EVERYTHING. My tongue felt huge, so I clearly couldn’t talk. And when I tried to get anyone’s attention, they thought I was just freaking out. Afterwards, my throat was SEVERELY swollen, to the point I couldn’t take the Vicodin. And when I could finally take it, it didn’t even touch me. I couldn’t eat anything for three days. I got more relief out of Tylenol. 🙁 it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. And to this day, almost 13 years later, I STILL have occasional pain on the bottom right gum.
And the dentist had the balls to send me a thank you card in the mail, for choosing his office. 🙄🤣 i was so pissed, I threw it away.

Philippe Andraos:

For anyone having this surgery I recommend that you take augmentin, profinal xp and solpadeine while putting ice cubes and eating ice cream intensively because it will extremely help. I personally had one of the most brutal and painful removals ever (had to be injected 3 times with anasthesia during the procdure because the initial doses weren’t enough and the pain kept coming back. Also, my operation lasted almost 2 hours but the aftermath wasn’t extremely bad because I extensively applied ice cubes while taking meds (that’s the most important part) . Goodluck

Sangeeta Jena:

Watching this while in pain with horizontally placed wisdom tooth. 😓😭