Wisdom Teeth Extraction

A short video narrated by Dr. Joseph McMurray for ICE Dental Systems about the procedure for Wisdom Teeth Extraction.



I was always afraid to have my wisdom teeth removed because I thought I was gonna confess my deepest darkest secrets while on anesthesia.


The bad part isnt the actual removal, its the weeks of swollen cheeks, inability to properly open your mouth, bleeding, pain, jelly like blood clots falling out and all the other shit following the extraction

T-Rk PlayzGames:

I had actually gotten all of my wisdom teeth removed back in my 8th grade year about 4 years ago. I remember while I was asleep from the Anthestisia all I remember was being asleep but partly conscious as I saw my teeth getting worked on but along the way I didnt feel anything during the extraction, but the most painful part was waking up and feeling the pain and for about 5 days I was unable to eat or drink a lot of things, I had a bit of bruising on my teeth but that was because mine were pretty tough to extract, but for a little while I was unable to open my mouth without unbearable pain. It healed in 2 weeks but it took about a month before everything was back to normal.

Kermit Wants Death:

I’m not worried about the pain or after effects of the extraction, I’m worried about my mom recording and catching me in 4K while I reveal all my secrets on anesthesia.

Leet 1337:

When I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed in one operation, they couldn’t use anesthetic due to a conflict with my ADHD medication. Instead, they used a numbing agent, and lemme tell you, the operation itself felt like nothing compared to the pain of all the needles that went directly into my gums and the roof of my mouth before it. Fortunately, the bleeding didn’t last longer than the rest of the day or so once it was all over.


A little story from my surgery back in November:
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, and actually remember the surgery quite well. I regained consciousness during the surgery, as they pulled the last tooth out (true story). So I guess you can tell that I wasn’t awake for long, because the pain that surged through my mouth when they yanked out that last tooth was enough to put me right the hell back to sleep.

Colonel Calcium:

Got mine removed today, if youre getting yours taken out: dont be worried, even tho anxiety is common. The worst part is the IV and gaw exchange. Other than that its a super easy process and trusting your medical practitioners is always best.

Pinhead Larry:

Got all 4 of mine removed 2 and a half days ago. So far I’ve experienced an annoying, dull pain on two of my teeth extraction sites(these were impacted, the other 2 weren’t). When my pain killers ware off, my bottom jaw starts to throb. I can feel my heartbeat in my jawline almost. It’s a very annoying pain, does not hurt a lot but it neverrrr goes away unless you down a pain killer. After a bit though, it starts to really hurt a lot, especially after eating a meal.
God I can’t wait until I can eat regular food again, I’m tired of mush.


Good thing I watched this after I had them taken out 😂 For anyone getting them out soon, it is NOTHING to stress over. Literally a piece of cake


I’m actually strangely excited to get my wisdom teeth removed and over with. I can FEEL the impaction especially in my bottom jaw, which totally causes unneeded pressure. I can’t wait for the feeling of relief.

Kate Goolsby:

Just got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I was under the IV anesthetic and I don’t remember much of the surgery until the end, I just heard drills and stuff. I was super comfy and the whole experience was fine. They put a blanket over me, I was given oxygen, and they gave me pain killers for the pain. If you take pain killers, it’s manageable. I’m just super happy that I wasn’t awake for the surgery, passed out before the surgery started.

Ziting Wang:

Just had wisdom teeth removed a couple days ago. I didn’t use laughing gas, but I was pretty nervous when they started with the first tooth. The time right after the surgery is honestly the worse part, I had to wait an hour before I could take my pain meds. By the next day I had very little, if any pain. Everyone is different, listen to your doctor.