When Babies Start Teething, Teething Symptoms, Toys, Relief | Pediatric Nursing

In this video, Nurse Sarah covers the basics of teething for both parents and as a pediatric nursing review.


AlyJo Callahan:

Our daughter is 8 months and she already has 6 teeth. Thank you so much for this video!! It helps me to understand everything that comes along with teething.

Mika Johanna:

My daughter started teething pretty much at birth! She had her first tooth at 4weeks, second by 7weeks. All 11 months. It was crazy!!!!!! My second she’s 21 months and still missing her molars, cluster teething is horrible.

Kayla Chapman:

My son started showing signs of teething at just 2 1/2 months he will be 5 months on the 4th and his first one is about to come through the gum. This video helps alot I didnt know I was missing some of the signs and symptoms. Thank you for such informative video!

Dawn Kuka:

My son is only 3 months and he already got his lower centre, I was worried that’s why I search for some answers, so it’s ok❣️ thank you, this helps me a lot


Thanks for sharing this, my 18 month old is teething and it’s been a process!! 😩✨😌

Shannon Holder:

Thank you so much..baby @ 4months + i have been getting all these signs..now I understand why..appreciate this video so much
.I wasn’t even looking and it just popped up…God has a way of showing you things just in the right moment…God’s continuous blessings upon u nurse 🙂

Tatiana Cronk:

My daughter cut her first tooth at 11 weeks and she was a month premature. She is now cutting her second tooth at 5 months. Thanks for the advice and recommendations.

Jessi Choukair:

My daughter got her first tooth eruption at 8 months old during Christmas vacation. I thought she was stressed out from vacation but she we teething ! I can now tell the second tooth is coming soon.