What does a Massive Cavity look like Under the Surface?

Sometimes a massive cavity can hide under the chewing surface of a perfectly intact tooth. So what does tooth decay REALLY look like underneath it all?


Our Kind of Entertainment:

Nasty but fascinating as hell. Oh, I’ve had my fair share of cavities and fillings…

Bobby Ashley:

I’m gonna be real, this actually has made me care more about my dental hygienic more than anything else


Every time I go to the dentist I 100% go with local only, so I hear all the drilling, I can also see my mouth from the light on top (it has mirror effect 😂) extract, filling, drilling, all that. And it was awesome, I just don’t like the smell.

Chris Redwood:

Can’t stop watching this, it’s so satisfying I can literally feel the pain easing with each moment that passes

Xx Moonstar xX:

One of the most agonizing moments of my childhood is when toothache struck. Not that annoying pain but nerve deep pain that only a tooth extraction can help.

Chicken Little:

“But something lies underneath.
…a secret tunnel”
Two lovers.
Forbidden from one another.

Jacob Løfdahl:

Great to know that there is such a thing as “hidden deepstrike cavities” like this. Makes me feel all nice and warm inside..

Jordan Dillabough:

Thank you for this. Being the patient, going to the dentist can be frightening because I don’t know exactly what the dentist is doing and I can’t see it. Seeing this alleviates some of that fear because I know exactly what is being done.

Wade Rich:

This better be the music he listens to while working as a dentist. “In no normal dentist, I’m an antibacterial tooth warrior”

Andrew C.:

Thanks for the look in. I just had a similar situation fixed yesterday. My lower left molar appeared to have a pinhole marking on top but my doctor wound up having to get in pretty close to the root to get put the caries material. Crazy how that is.

Nádia Mendonça:

I had exactly the same problem. No pain at all, the tooth “imploded” (as he said) when I went there to fix a small hole.. But the cavity was so massive I ended having a root canal. Again. No pain. He was surprised.

Mau Vasconcellos:

I’ve had a tooth pain go on for years, YEARS, for as long as I could humanely handle. It got to the root canal. The pain I had to go through those last 2 or 3 days before going to the dentist were DE-FI-NA-TELY the worst of my entire life. I couldn’t eat well, and sleep was out of the question as the worst pain would come during the night… hitting me in waves, throbbing my entire left face from the jaw all the way to the top of the head. 4 AM in the morning and I’d catch myself with the head between the knees, breathing deeply while trying to calm my trembling hands. I also had a glass of water with me, because I thought by drinking a little, maybe it would numb the pain… well, it didnt. Needless to say, from there on I woke up to life and finally decided to go to the dentist more often and care for my teeth. Never again, man… never again I wanna go through that.

Bathing Tiger:

Man sometimes we take dentists for granted. These people really do a lifesaving jobs. Kudos to every dentists out there