Veneers – How are they made? Preparation and placement of dental veneers

Dental veneers are a dental aesthetic treatment to correct defects in the teeth. How are they made?


Stefina weasley:

Thanks for delivering such an exciting and informative video. I hope to see more great videos like this in the future and keep the good work going on. All the best.

Majid Jalal:

Telling from my experience, I had pretty crooked teeth and always wanted to get them fixed. Due to lack of confidence, I avoided smiling at family gatherings and office presentations. I was poor too but at 25 I started earning good money so I got my teeth fixed filled the gaps and all but I did it by having a dental bridge as my dentist suggested. Veneers are kinda suspectable to fall away but bridges are cemented on your teeth. You need to renew them every 10 years or five depends on maintenance although both procedures are expensive and not required if you are satisfied with what you have been blessed with. I can understand many would want it for a perfect smile just like I did. I would suggest getting it done if it gives you confidence and fulfillment. But you need to brush twice a day and maintain good oral hygiene, anyways it’s the life we live only once and live it as per your discretion guys. You don’t know you will lose your teeth in your 40’s naturally or met an accident. PS: Tom cruise did a lot of dental work before entering Hollywood. I would suggest earning money so you can afford all these expenses

Sarah Yoakhanes:

I wish dentistry wasn’t so expensive.. it would’ve solved a lot of problems for most people, including myself.

R G:

How long does it last? Did you stick them on with special glue? Can you touch it up after a few years? Does it stay white? Many thanks! I’m going to get this done to my two front teeth. I have 2 discoloured teeth from fluoride from when I was younger. The color contrast is not flattering to my smile.😀 This technique will look amazing:)

Nicole Cross:

I’m in the same shape just wish I could smile and light up the room with my personality instead of always frowning..😭😭😭

aida bach:

how long does it last? will food still find the cracks between teeth and the patches from the edge? once it comes out, can it be removed without chipping/grinding the teeth away? how many times can it be reglued during the life time? like 6, 7 times?

sheila abeli:

MY ONLY WISH IN THE WORLD if i could get this dental treatment so i could just smile just like other people do even if there is no reason to do so😢😢 whole life would be changed and i would be so greatful🙌🙌🙌.

Carli Muzquiz:

What a COOL VIDEO. So well done. Very entertaining and interesting I loved it thank you


I’ve noticed that some people with teeth that aren’t perfect have beautiful smiles,investing your smile can potentially change your life forever