Types of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Types of Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal



This soft tissue impaction is about to drive me crazy. You were absolutely right saying the pain comes and goes. I get inflamed gums around the tooth about 2-3 times a year and I’m so tired of it.

mads k:

The whole time I had mine out today I had no clue what was going on. Couldn’t feel a thing but I was awake the whole time. My mouth is bleeding a bit on the bottom the most. It’s a little rough back there but I don’t actually have too much pain. Just a bit annoyed with how little I can move my jaw 😂


I’ve been watching animations of the procedure a fair amount since getting my wisdom teeth taken out. It makes me glad I was sedated so I have no memory of the procedure. I had it done at a residency clinic, and they recommend sedation if you don’t have an adverse history so you don’t have to see when they sometimes have to use “drills and such.” It’s probably also a good idea in general since it’s a resident clinic. The residents don’t have as much experience, so being sedated and amnesic is an additional layer of pain protection on top of the local anesthetics.


I am going to get my lower and upper wisdom teeth removed and my dentist never told me why. This video explained it so well

Nararara Mammily:

Just got two of mine removed today. I would say that the slicing of gun wasn’t painful tho the part with the doctor has to remove the teeth were a bit painful. My wisdom teeth caused me many problems. Like last time, my inflamation was so bad that I can’t even close my mouth and can only eat liquid based food.

Jessica Smith:

I currently have three(3) wisdom teeth grown in and they are beginning to cause me discomfort and pain. Bottom left is fully growing in at an angle and gets food stuck in it all the time as well as putting pressure on my gums when I chew and talk. Upper left is always putting pressure on my gums in between the lower left wisdom tooth grown in. The bottom right is too close to the back of my jaw/bone and is causing swelling, tenderness and pain in the surrounding gums. As a result sometimes all my other teeth hurt as well when I chew and even when I am not eating or drinking at all. I have needed my wisdom teeth out for at least six months now, but I have limited jaw mobility and motion due to having TMJ for over four years. I have only recently begun to see a physical therapist who is helping me with my condition and believe me, the exercises I do truly are helping so long as I am consistent. But due to how sensitive my jaw is I don’t feel comfortable with having it open for long periods of time (30 seconds or more) and despite the mobility and flexibility exercises I do for my jaw I can’t open it too far or apply too much pressure otherwise it causes me a great deal of pain. I am in quite a predicament and am curious as to whether or not you have any solution or recommendations for me? Thanks you!

May Yuhan:

Does the bone heal back a whole (covered) or will there always be a hole in your jaw bone from the cutting? I don’t want any hole in my jaw after this for the rest of my life, regardless if the pain subsides or if the bone heals as a hole.

L Alexander:

Mine are all fully erupted. Although my lower ones have a little gum problem. I guess they’re simple tooth extractions because they’re not impacted. I’m 40, so I’m still scared of potential nerve damage.

Vivica Dilworth:

Anybody ever had their teeth pulled while awake? If so can you share your experience