Tooth Filling Procedure – [COMPOSITE MATERIALS]

In this video you can see treatment of cavities class one by Black. The materials that are used are composites, and total etch technique of treatment.



This really helped ease my nerves. I have a working interview on Monday and wanted to refresh myself on the process of restorations. Thank you!

Koko Koso:

Who else is watching this after they got their cavity removed to see what just happened

Nate Andrew:

Really smooth work I wish you were my dentist. I stumbles across this video with a filling that popped out on tooth number 3 at the gum line. Seriously other dentists could learn from such clean work


Just got 2 cavities filled. Little to no pain, the only slight pain I felt was when they gave me the freezing needle, which honestly isn’t even as bad as you think it might be. Just feels like a pinch and it’s over in like 15 seconds. Then the rest of the procedure I barely felt anything other than the tiniest pinch here and there.
Also for the record, I got a tooth pulled awhile ago also. In comparison, I barely felt anything other than pushing and pulling sensation and it was over in under a minute probably. So if you’re worried that it’s going to hurt, it isn’t. Read dentist reviews to see if dentists are reputable. Also, my advice is to close your eyes during the procedure. Just relax, you’ll find that you tense up unknowingly a lot so definitely re-relax your body every 3-5 minutes and just think about other stuff.
Covid test hurt more than any of the dental work did (which barely hurt at all) so honestly the needles and shit don’t scare me now compared to the covid test lmfao

Elias Williams:

I get my fillings done today. It’s weird. I’ve eaten less sweets and brushed way more often than I did awhile back. Now that I do I get 3 cavities. Fortunately the cavities are small and only need fillings.

eunika zurbano:

Got 2 filings earlier and was curious how it was done. So yeah, that’s why im here🤣


Mine was drilled down to the nerve and it was the most painful thing ever

Randomly Anonymous:

I came here because I just had a filling done today and was curious what the process was! I got 10 more to go, plus extractions! Unfortunately it costs me $100 a tooth to get fixed. That’s what I get for bad dental hygene.😔


A lady scraping my teeth scraped so hard that she popped my filling 😥 but if someone’s watching because they’re scared, the only thing that hurts is the numbing needle at the very beginning, I got it when I was 13 and it only hurt for maybe 5 slow-counted seconds, and though it pinched I’ve had worse stomach cramps lol so I think it’ll be fine. Aside from that, nothing should really be felt that’s painful. Hoenstly from your POV it looks and sounds terrifying but that’s way less scary than I thought.