Tooth extraction – Treatment for socket preservation ©

It shows how two teeth are lost due to decay, how they are extracted, and how the sockets are filled with bone and then covered with a membrane. It is also shown how the graft heals and the subsequent dental implants placement there.


Robert Ivey:

For the nervous:
I have had two teeth extracted because I never took care of them when I was little. I may need a third as well.
There’s a lot of pressure, but if the dentists give you enough procaine the pain should be minimal. There’s usually a lot of bleeding afterwards and you’ll have to bite on some gauze for a while, and rotate gauze regularly. But most of the blood should be gone within a day. It’ll take a few weeks but soon enough your mouth will adjust to not having a tooth there and you’ll be A-OK.


What is the expected recovery time for this procedure? I am wondering about dental restrictions afterwards: hot, cold or warm foods? soft foods only? chew only on the other side for weeks or months? liquid only diet for how long? Thank you for any insight on these questions. Very informative video!


I’m having a tooth removed in two weeks, I’m terrified, wish me luck!
(Update: I got it removed and it was amazing I didn’t feel anything because I was put to sleep and the recovery wasn’t bad!)


Pro tip, brush your teeth and floss daily to avoid having to undergo these expensive and painful procedures

Luke Mckenna:

I’ve got every single one of my teeth pulled out because the roots were like twice the size of a normal person’s so much fun especially when you start getting immune to the anaesthetic

Jaime Medrano:

Currently watching this with a hole of blood in my mouth ( blood-clot ) patiently waiting for it to heal


This isnt that bad to be honest. The periodontist does this when pulling teeth to set up a bone graph so when he put an implant in it has something to anchor into