Tooth decay and cavities – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is tooth decay? Tooth decay, also called dental caries disease, refers to demineralization or weakening of the teeth, and the end result of caries disease is a caries lesion.


Angelina Bob:

DENTAL HEALTHCARE SHOULD BE UNIVERSAL AND FREE OF CHARGE! Many of us can’t afford the procedures that maintain our oral health.

Mohamed Salih:

Very recently I got obsessed about having dental cavities. I was searching videos in YouTube about this condition for the past few days. Thank you Osmosis for this video.

sad hoe:

I’m watching this before going to the dentist, to get my cavities removed. I really didn’t took good care of teeth for a while, because I was so tired, that I fell asleep a lot without brushing my teeth before. I also drink a lot of coffee (at least 2 cups per day). I also haven’t been eating healthy lately, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about this. I didn’t felt any pain in my teeth though. I discovered that I have cavities, because I noticed a small brown spot on one of my tooth, that I couldn’t brush away, so I started to Google what this could be.

Akaliza Keza Ntwari:

I was actually searching for a cartoon that could teach my 2 year old why it’s important to let me brush his teeth. I don’t think this is exactly right for him šŸ˜…, but I ended up learning a great deal! I never knew how important it was to maintain the right ph level in your mouth. So, does a diet high in spicy foods also put you at risk?
Anyway, I’m not a student or clinician, but I’m subscribing – these classes are fantastic! Thank you.

Rafeef Mohammed:

Thank you, this video literally saved me, I have research to do about cariogenic bacteria and all scientific papers that I read is going deep into the subject while all I need is a brief introduction like this to know what I’m talking about!

Happy1 AnimalLover:

We should be taught this in high school to show what the impact of sweets are on teeth. Thanks for the video


In my whole immediate family none of have had cavities and right now I have a sensitive tooth and Iā€™m very nervous especially since we are on lockdown

Matt B:

why would our teeth even have nerves in the first place if theyre natural process is just to decay and fall out anyways? thousands of years ago humans didnt brush there teeth, it has only recently become the norm to brush and try to preserve our teeth, it just seems like a bit of a design flaw for humans, yes our saliva breaks down food stuck in our teeth but brushing our teeth isnt a natural occuring thing, its something we do and have only done for about 400 years or so.. doesnt anyone else find this odd?