Tooth Abscess Draining Pus!! + Free Endo Gear Guide

This 75 year old male presented with no pain to his mandibular left canine.



Going in for a root canal on Wednesday. I have a huge abscess on the side of my tooth. No antibiotics were working and it’s getting worse every day. Looking forward it all being done. At this point I don’t care how badly it’ll hurt 😭


So satisfying seeing all the drainage that would cause tooth pain and watching you drill into the tooth

Adnan Ima:

Hello respected Doctor,
Thank you very much for sharing this case with us. I already signed up to your web page, and I’m looking forward for new useful video material.
If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a few questions:
1) In these “secretional” cases, did you ever leave a tooth open and why, or do you close it temporary? What advices do you give to your patients if they start feeling pain after CaOH medication?
2) Were antibiotics really necessary in this case, of did you administrate them just to avoid any discomfort for the patient?
3) What is the general therapy plan for this patient, concering her lack of posterior teeth?
Greetings from Bosnia 🙂


Yeah, this past Monday I had an incomplete fractured root tip removed, and the socket a dentist destroyed last week rebuilt by another dentist. The dentist I saw last week couldn’t get the tooth out, as it kept crumbling like glass when he would try to grip on it to pull it out. I also ended up replacing a crown, and getting a brand new one on Monday, too.

Mr Howard:

Great video, I have recently had antibiotics for a tooth infection. After a couple weeks the pain seems to have eased significantly, however my bite feels different and the tooth feels very numb. The gum around the tooth and surrounding teeth still show signs of infection. My question is do I need any further treatment?


Great video! I have the same question about the apex locator and reducing 1mm. Would you rather do that instead of going to the area before the ‘out of the apex’ in the apex locator?


This is beyond fascinating to me. Dentistry is an amazing and absolutely NECESSARY skill and I hate having any work done on me hahahahaha! Still very interesting!