TOOTH ABSCESS dental infection – PHLEGMON symptoms and treatment

Dental phlegmon or tooth abscess is one of the most common dental problems. But what exactly is it? Why does it happen and which are the symptoms? What is the recommended treatment?


Ms. Boombalati:

Hello, I had my lower wisdom tooth removed 2 months ago. I then got a dry socket but I never went to get it treated. As time passed it started to heal and feel better but now I have a bump on my gumbs near the extraction site that sometimes releases puss ( the pain and swelling is getting worse). Can you please tell me what is wrong or how I can fix this problem without going back to the dentist?

George Glass:

Hurts so bad. Especially when it hasn’t become a bump yet, or a bump with no head. Just nonstop, continuous, excruciating, pain.

just a dot:

Hello i hope you can notice this Last night i had my gums swollen (the other side of my gums not the outer part) and i accidentally popped it with my tongue, it didn’t really totally popped but the pus is leaking and so i rinsed it with warm saltwater for like an hour since it continues to leak in which i decided to gently help it with my tongue so it can release more. (I don’t drink nor smoke.) After that the swelling was gone but the pus keeps on coming back every hour or so as if it has not drained fully so it leaks again, i still can’t make a dentist appointment since we had a lockdown in our city until the end of the month. What else can i do while i wait? It’s really making me nervous

Mohammed Affaneh:

I have an abscess between my k9 tooth and incisior, but the dentist is going to do a rootcanal on my front tooth. Does the placement of the abscess determine what tooth needs to have a root canal? They did a cold test on my k9 and incisior and felt both. on the other hand i did not feel it on the tooth they are going to do the root canal on.

R. S.:

As you are a dentist ..pls give suggestions..
I got 3 tooth permanent bridge last year and now its paining. Doctor said i need to do root canal of those 2 teeth used for bridge.. i am scared now there any other way to solve the problem .. i am scared of the procedure n its chances to failure

Chewpa Miverga:

Can you cut the abscess by yourself? I can’t take the pain right now. I been with this abscess almost 4 years but their are times i get insane pain like right now. I have alot of depression and anxiety i feel that abscess ruin some of my nerves in my head.

merarheni ayat:

I want to be a doctor wish me good luck please 😟✨❤️