The Ten Dental Specialties

In this video, we take a look at the 10 different ADA-recognized dental specialties and what they’re all about. Thanks for watching!



I’m in the pre-dental stages of my journey to becoming a dentist. This video was great and so informative on the specialities and not in an overwhelming way. Thank you!!

Jim Kaur:

Thanks for this video! Could you give an idea about dental specialities which requires least hand to motor coordination/ fine clinical skills (my foreign trained dentist friend is suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis and she’s really worried about her future in dentistry)

Murtaza Zaidi:

Can any of these specialists practice general dentistry if they didn’t get an American DDS degree? Like, could an American endodontist, who previously earned a foreign dental degree, perform tooth extractions if need be?

Gilson Mattos:

A question: Is restorative dentistry a subspecialty of prosthodontics or are they synonyms?

SAB Podcast:

Thank you for the información 🙏🏿 it was beneficial.

Everything Alexis:

Omg, you helped me so much! 😩😩😩

Bethany Angel Heart:

i wish to be an oral surgery ❤️

Mikel Stef:

Thank you !!!! This video was helpful
But what you mean bay 3/4 years after dental school !!?

Andrea tilinger:

Hi everyone I really want to become an orthodontist one day and I am in middle school right now and I promise I will come back when I am an orthodontist so much respect to you all, wish me luck, and I am wishing luck for you too. Bye!


What about oral medicine specailist? orofacial pain specialist? who cares TMD in this category?