The process of growing baby teeth to adult teeth: Encino Dentist Office

This video explains the natural process that a child experiences. Pediatric dentistry is a speciality of Dr. Philip Farzad with nearly twenty years of dentistry in the Encino area.


Grace G:

I’m 14 and I still have one canine tooth and one missing canine tooth, and I’m very self conscious about it since everyone around me has grown in all their teeth. Is there any tips or tricks to make them grow in faster?

Bruce LaPointe:

I currently am at the process of the growth of the WISDOM teeth, which are the last 4 tooths way in the back of the jaw line, so I cannot wait to see how it appears out!

Diane Greene:

My baby teeth didn’t come out until the permanent teeth pushed them out. The new tooth grated and pushed on the baby tooth and it was so painful I couldn’t chew. I used to knock the teeth out and what a relief when I managed it! I never lost a baby tooth and had a gap like other kids. The permanent tooth was already there. Even 55 years later it gives me the shivers.

Miriam Cortes:

My dentist pulled out like around five of my baby teeth when I was 10 or 11 so that I could get braces. I regret that even though I didn’t have a choice/ or would not have been able to comprehend at that young age. My mother signed off on all of it. One of my upper incisor on my left side never came in so now I’m missing a tooth (I believe the condition is called hypodontia). I had braces on since I was in sixth grade and got them removed the summer after I graduated from high school which sucked for me. I never liked the end result because of my missing tooth. They tried to make my teeth look more normal by reshaping my canine (on the left) to a more rounder shape. Again, I was far too young when I got braces to know what they were going to do. The only thing I remember from the consulation was the orthodontist showing my mom and I a perfect model with straight teeth with none of them missing, and him telling me that that was how my teeth were going to look like. A year after my braces were removed my wisdom teeth came in and completely turned my second molars at the bottom of my mouth and now I have to get braces again (not sure when because I’m still traumatized). Braces at young age for seven years were not worth it for me. If I ever get a dental implant to make up for the upper incisor that never came in, I would also have to get a veneer on the cainine they reshaped. Sometimes I want to cry. All I ever wanted was perfect or near perfect teeth. Seven years of my life were wasted.


I’ve always wondered the painful process of teeth growing at 6 months since the gums don’t have holes in them yet, but then I remembered the painful teen years of wisdom teeth!


One of my molars split and came out, I really hope it comes back right, I really don’t brush enough, it was not a permanent one though, I think

Channel LikeNoOther:

I have some weird tooth experience o-o I didn’t have a loose tooth since I was 7, i’m much older now but my molar teeth are not fully developed. What’s weird is that since i’m a lot OLDER now, and they didn’t come out at the right time.

Im Done Explaining:

Omg a lot of my teeth were coming out i was so scared but after watching this i realized it was normal thank god