Teeth Bonding Procedure | Front Tooth Filling to Repair Chipped Tooth

Teeth Bonding (Class IV Composite Restoration) is an incredible procedure used to repair chipped front teeth. In this dental video, I’m going to illustrate how I repair broken teeth (STEP BY STEP). I hope this gives some of you out there a better understanding of what techniques are involved to lengthen & recontour teeth.


Buff Barnaby:

I had bonding done like 40 years ago , still works. One tooth only. Problem with bonding is that it looks “flat” when dry , but matches sheen of other teeth if has saliva on it. And over time needs to be buffed out to get best shade back.


I have chipped tooth. I didn’t knew I was grinding all night every time I was sleeping. I was worried that It can’t be fixed. Thank you for showing the procedure.

Sammie Louise:

This is basically what my teeth look like. I had broken front teeth from 12-19 and have braces right now. They did bonding on the front teeth without informing me when I went in for fillings and at first I was upset as I never asked for it, but now I think it’s better than what I had. I want to get bonding on my top front 6 teeth and lower front 4 teeth since I have bad breakdown from drinking pop so much when I was a younger teen. I just want to help prevent more from breaking off. Before I wanted veneers or crowns but I really want to preserve as much natural tooth as possible. I just wasn’t sure because idk how each one holds up and lasts.


hi! Thanks a lot for the video! It was very informative. I had a question, and since the dentist’s offices around me are closed down due to the coronavirus outbreak, I thought i’d try to do some research on my own, and while a lot of my questions have been answered, I am still concerned about one thing.
About two months ago, a new bonding was put in for my front tooth, and there is this clear plasticky film that is peeling off in the front of the tooth. It is still about a couple of millimeters above where the chip is, but it seems to be very gradually peeling down. Is this something that I can wait out for a couple of weeks until the dental offices re-open, or should I try to get it seen as an emergency procedure?
thanks so much!


Thanks for this detailed video . You mentioned that the phosphoric echant is caustic and can cause sensitivity. Is that sensitivity long term and does it also cause issues with the gums if the procedure has to involve a repair that starts at the gum like widening the tooth for ex ??? Thanks

RJ Travel:

Love your videos I just wanted to ask you because I keep hearing porcelain veneers are more costly than composite how much would you normally charge for porcelain veneer per tooth. N hope ur doing great safe & of good health.


How much length can be added with bonding before it becomes easily susceptible to breakage while biting down, especially in the front teeth?

Stephie Michelle:

My two front teeth are slightly chipped at the ends from grinding (working on correcting that with a mouth guard at night etc…). My dentist said that I would either need caps or veneers but I really just want to get them bonded. Would there be a reason she doesn’t want to go that route?