What is Plaque

The term plaque in dentistry is referred to the deposits that are formed on the surface of the teeth. Plaque is formed due to early bacterial infection and may develop to form caries or even serious problems such as periodontitis. Although the regular bacteria that live in our mouths are not threatening, they become a problem when they reform into harmful plaque that can seriously destroy one’s teeth enamel and gums. Normal bacteria can evolve into plaque causing infectious agents in less than a aday and hence it is essential to maintain dental hygiene at all times. During the early stages of the plaque formation, it is still soft and can be removed using a dental water jet spray. However, the longer it remains on the teeth, it becomes impossible to remove it using even a tooth brush. The plaque will harden over time and removal without professional help becomes impossible after a point of time. In such cases, your dentist can help you get rid of the deposits through professional dental cleaning.

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