Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction (LL8) by Specialist Oral Surgeon Dr. Abdul Dalghous

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If anyone is scared to get their teeth taken out upon watching this: it’s okay. I get you. I understand. I was scared too. It terrified me skipping through this honestly, but I went ahead and did this. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know for me getting mine out? I didn’t realize there was so much pressure on my head because of them. I didnt realize it until I was out of surgery and I immediately felt releif I didnt realize was possible. I woke up and realized…is this how most people feel?? Holy crap. My mouth was already crowded, I didn’t have any room for any more teeth anyways. So this getting them out was….amazing. I don’t know if this can help anyone, but I hope it does honestly.

Athena Muldrow:

I just had surgery today (all four taken out), and my doctor didn’t even give me the option of staying awake. He straight up just told me that he was going to put me under without any room for argument.
I thought I would’ve been somewhat okay with being conscious for the extractions–I’ve never had problems/fear of dentists and surgeons of any kind. But looking at this video now, I am 143% grateful that my surgeon just knocked me out. Goddamn.


Got them all out. I was totally knocked out and am recovering well. Please don’t be scared! The anxiety is WAY worse than the surgery and recovery!

John Mendez:

to anyone reading this, don’t be scared of it. I build up the extraction in my head for so many weeks only to realize that it wasn’t worth all that stress. I was only numbed during the procedure and I was comfortable as heck. I had a bony impaction which is basically the worst scenario you want to be in. I’m three days in and I’m in no pain at all. I can’t eat anything but milkshakes which isn’t bad. Recovery after doesn’t hurt that much. You’ll be in discomfort after the anesthesia wares off but just take pain killers and you’ll be fine. So don’t be scared and get it over with. 🙂 hope this helps anyone

Danielle Crystal:

Hi everyone . I’m only 16 and I recently got my wisdom teeth taken out awake. What I can say is, everyone is different. I wasn’t scared because my wisdom teeth was causing so much pain . I wanted them out. However, I can’t say that the procedure was harmless. It depends on your dentist. I would suggest getting them taken out under sedation but if not you will be okay. I tolerated one day of major pain but the rest was a pretty good recovery for me. The dentist will try their best to help you feel nothing. Y’all got this and be brave .

Nat K:

I got all four wisdom teeth pulled today and wanted to see what they were doing to me during the surgery… shouldve left it up to my imagination

Stormy Wright:

Watching this actually eases my anxiety. I have rlly bad anxiety and I hate not knowing what’s gonna happen. If something big like this is gonna happen I need to know every single step no matter how scary it is. Just knowing what’s gonna happen makes me chill out


For me getting my wisdom teeth out wasn’t that bad I was fully awake and I had numbing medication applied they gave me a bit of laughing gas to calm me down. I though it was going to be terrifying as this would be my first “surgery” (I’m 15 and my teeth came in very early), but it went great, no stitches or anything, I ate right afterwords. Writing this 10 days after surgery.

Cheyenne Rhyndress:

Just got my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled 2 days ago. It can be scary at first but it’s not as bad as it looks. I got put under and didn’t feel anything however when I woke up it hurt bad for the first 24 hours or so. After that it’s kinda this dull pain but I’m sure most people can handle it. Don’t be afraid y’all got this and I’ll keep you updated!

J. T:

I just removed all 4 yesterday, laying in bed and eating mashed potatoes while watching movies and YouTube. No pain thank the lord
4 month Update: I am completely healed and doing very well.


I just got home from having all 4 of mine removed. I thought the conscious sedation would be rough being awake the whole time but I was very wrong. The whole process was a breeze with little to no discomfort at all during the procedure. If anything the only pain I felt was the pinch of the local anesthesia which was not bad itself. All in all anyone getting this procedure has nothing to worry about!