Snap On Veneers Warning

Jon explains what snap-on veneers, also known as clip-on smiles are and the pros and cons associated with such products.



Of course you’re “warning” against them! I’m 36 and I need around $15,000 worth of dental work- I can’t afford that!! Dental insurance would barely touch it & most insurance maxes out at $1,200 a year anyway! I can’t get a job if I’m missing several from teeth! If you really cared about others dental health you’d make an effort to provide affordable, quality dental care, even work on a sliding scale, and lobby for better dental insurance coverage. Dentistry is a racket!


have a friend who had this done because she couldn’t afford to get her teeth fixed. I have to be honest, it looked great and it was super thin. It was done by her friend’s friend who works at those labs that makes them. Even these dentists send off your impressions to a lab, it’s not like they do it themselves. Her snap-ons have lasted her several months and she loves them. We all do. She’s even eaten with them on, but of course not super hard stuff. She does take them out nightly, just like you would a retainer, that’s how I think of them. Those babies cost her around $1500 for top and bottoms. The cool thing about them…she’s always smiling now a days and I honestly haven’t seen her smile like that in years. You might not like them doctor however, you’re not looking at how it can make a person feel. I have always said, if something makes you happy? Go do it!

Charlotte Rooney:

Warning to dentists!!
Reduce the price on permanent veneers so working class people can afford them therefore we wouldn’t need to resort to snap ons…

Ross Burton:

I totally agree with your concerns and respect you as a professional dentist about snap on veneers. However people who seek an alternative to expensive dentistry are concerned about their smile but cannot afford your services. Dental insurance is somewhat useless as it covers a minimal amount. The day that dental insurance covers all dental care will be the day were people will no longer look for an alternative. I suggest that the dental association rallied with all dentists get congress to take a look at this and get real dental insurance for all.

Angie S:

this sounds like Dentists don’t want the competition, if they’d make getting veneers priced reasonably no one would bother with pop on teeth.

Matt Taylor:

My professional dental assessment told me I needed to spend $70k that insurance wouldn’t cover. That was not possible for me. But I’m still heavily judged by my smile and having a bad smile has extremely negative effects on overall quality of life.
I didn’t see much other choice than custom snap-ons. I would prefer the professional dental option but just not in the cards. I love my snap on. Gave me some semblance of confidence back. Worth their weight in gold for me.

Mrs. Giannos P:

My friend got expensive veneers and his tooth fell off when he was giving an interview for a new job! 🤣 so much for spending $20,000 for veneers!

Shannon Gorrell:

Im here for the comment section and you all have not disappointed LOL Of course a “Dentist” is gonna suggest not buying snap-on veneers.. Im an avid coke and coffee drinker, I have a chip in my front tooth and a missing first premolar, that can be noticed when I smile or talk. I brush and floss daily, but the damage has been done. I need A LOT of work to fix my mouth, but so does my husband, and my youngest twins also need dental checkups and i keep myself on the back burner when it comes to my health. But I WILL be getting some snap-on veneers to help with my self confidence.

Alfie Moon:

Just like grills are made by jewellers, you get what you pay for. Ain’t nobody got 15k in the UK for veneers when the average yearly salary is 25k

Keerston Young:

Sounds to me the dental labs who spend a lot more of their time making veneers, crowns, dentures, implants, veneers etc to sell them to dentist for 5% of what the dentist is charging the patient, has finally figured out a way to by pass there rip off of dentistry.


Dentists are always going on about how poor dental hygiene affects a person’s overall health. Well, if dental problems can lead to health problems, dental procedures should be covered under HEALTH insurance policies, not under some worthless dental coverage which may only provide $1500 worth of coverage for an entire year. I badly chipped my front tooth and my dental coverage wouldn’t cover 1/3 the root canal and crown costs.

Truth Teacher2007:

Sooooo, why can’t dentists make snap on veneers themselves from safe materials? I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to ignore getting regular dental check ups. Furthermore, who’s so stupid that they don’t take these things out and clean them?

Valencia Smith:

Sometimes, people don’t have enough money to afford a dentist, let alone dental care. You can be so poor you’re desperate for a quick fix and take a chance because this world can be cruel when you have bad teeth. We all want to be normal and be accepted by society. Life isn’t fair but it is what it is. Sad to say looks matter in this world and the poor to working class just want a chance to be accepted in life. I got my braces out and wear my retainers every night. Brush night and day to avoid bad dental mishaps. I wish there was just an affordable way for people to get proper dental care.