Smyl Manatee – Dental Implant Procedure

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Kyriakos Kyriakos:

I’ve already put 4 implants (2 at each side of my lower jaw) and I felt no pain at all. The procedure took place 4 months ago and the only issue was that for a few days I couldn’t eat warm and hard food. A week later my doctor made a small denture so I could eat and speak and today I’m going for the second part. I felt no pain at all not even after the procedure or the day after. The procedure is expensive and in Greece it isn’t covered by any insurance so for 4 implants, 4 crowns, and the denture I had to pay 5000 euros but I believe its worth it.

Aigul Lawson:

I just got 2 implants first stage, it was 1,5 h and less pain that I thought. My doctor was great and was talking to me all the time. I felt like it was 10 min, I didn’t feel any pain after anaesthesia but you going to feel the drill and the niddle. I went home and start feeling pain, after taking the pain killer I felt great and normal. My pain killer worked up to 10 hours. Next day I felt like nothing happened to me except the stiches and u can’t eat aby hard foods. By the evening for some reason I felt a little pain and I took one more pain pill. I am very impressed how it was easy and no need to be scared. I Encourage people to get implants and be happy with there new teeth.
PS. Please eat a lot of protein foods or shakes it will help u big time

Ryan K Gomes:

I love how the soothing music is supposed to make the fact that you’re ripping my gums off my bone and drilling through the bone better. πŸ˜‚ Great animation though. Very informative.

Zuzana Simurdova:

Great! I’m absolutely amazed how far the progress went! Love it!

fine Dad:

i love these videos sincerely. I have learned a lot from it as a dental assistant, thanks you doctors for a wonderful initiative


I am getting chills in my spine watching this video. I never had permanent teeth for first molars in both sides of lower jaw and had to have a implant soon.
God , why I have to go through this painful process?πŸ˜–πŸ˜«

Carl Dunn:

My brother had his front upper teeth replaced with these implants and he said it was hell , painfull after for 2 months , shooting pains were firing into other teeth ,the had a infection that needed anti biotics and stank like pig poo until the antibiotics finally got hold and began to heal n kill infection . At the time he told me if he was aware of all the trouble he endured before going ahead he would likely have been too afraid .
That said , now they are settled in and no infection he actually is now glad he did do it
It all looks very nice and easy with animation or on a model with real extracted teeth BUT it is a very different reality when it’s happening to you. !
the afore mentioned description is my brothers genuine experience
You might be more fortunate and this was 10 years ago so technology May have changed a ” little bit “. 😳