Scaling and root planing – huge dental calculus

29 yo woman, lower arch scaling. Hopeless tooth #31 splinted.
Next week upper arch.
Stay tuned for the complete case treatment. I’ll post all the steps just as the Game of Thrones.


5 месяцев назад
These videos are a thousand percent more effective than any parental warnings to get children to brush their teeth

Gemma Hadley
I had 3 cleanings in 3 months due to having plague build up. They weren’t as bad as these but still pretty bad. 13 years of smoking, fizzy drinks, sugary foods and no visit to the dentist in years as i was too scared to go but glad I did because my teeth and gums are so much healthier now. Glad I got this done

oliver kimbi
What the man needed was a complete set of new Artificial teeth. One of the best teeth scaling I have ever seen. Good Job

Mern Iez
Yeah I knew there was no way this place could be located in America.
I’ve had horrible experiences with dentists.. was when I was 19 years old, a dentist did a root canal on the wrong tooth.. a week later he did it on the correct tooth.. and one month after that, both need to be extracted.
I still had to pay full price for all procedures.. and it was cash out of pocket 🤦‍♀️

10 месяцев назад
Not even sure scaling was prudent for the first case. There was no bone left to support those teeth. They were held by gingiva alone and they were decayed pretty heavily.. Yank em out and let the gums heal up. Rotten teeth can cause sepsis.

10 месяцев назад
How do your teeth not just fall out with it like this.

Alena Palušáková
At this point you can just pull them out by yourself and it wouldn’t even hurt