Rubber Dam Isolation | Operative Dentistry

In this video, we look at how to place and remove a rubber dam, as well as additional techniques for utilizing this isolation method. Full credit and rights of ownership for this video go to Aldridge D. Wilder, DDS. This video cannot be copied or reproduced without permission.



Thank you for making all these videos! I am a dental assistant otj trained and watching your videos allows me to learn more about procedures that I will be doing in my office. I watch all your videos and they are very knowledgeable!

Thái Liên Nguyễn Vũ:

The using of RB is becoming more and more popular and sometimes compulsory in some operative procedures. This video let me know about a lot of meaningful knowledge and tips in clinical practice. Thank you so much for making this video and I am looking forward to seeing your next interesting lectures.

Coco Jo:

I am so THANKFUL for these clinical videos! It is amazing how much you can learn from a video.

Lala Lala:

Sir u r doing great work plzz
Make vediis on dental assisting




A question arises in my mind
i.e – how long do patient have to wear these dams for ? a day ? or just for few mins ?

Aiden Wrenn:

A water-soluble lubricant. Thanks for the exactitude!


You didn’t talk about clamp selection, dam adjustments for breathing or water flow, common dam errors that are tested on NBDE… er, who was this video made for? I think most people can figure out how to put a simple clamp and dam on, Dr. Ryan

seef seaf:

good video , but for the floss it should hold the two side of the clamp together so when it break it will not fall in patient mouth and easily take it out.