Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth impactions can cause multiple problems, such as pain, infection, swelling, decay and loss of the neighboring teeth.


Jessica R:

I’m currently at the end of my 5th day post op (four bony impacted wisdoms removed with twilight sedation), and I just wanted to post this comment across a few videos to calm anyone down who may be panicking like I was. Because I was panicking. Never had surgery before and I read and watched every horror story on the internet. I just want to say that I had a good, experienced surgeon perform my extraction and that I dealt with NO unbearable pain, did NOT take any narcotic painkillers, and have been instead alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen (stopped that today on day 5). The sedation did NOT make me act weird, for those of you who fear that part. The third day was indeed the worst, but completely doable. I would describe it as discomfort at its worst. To me, the whole process has been no different than what it was like to lose teeth as a child, along with a sore and stiff jaw. I’ve eaten solids since day one, albeit soft solid foods that won’t interfere with the injured sites. Hope this helps anyone, because I read so many bad comments and I was completely freaked out the week prior to surgery.

Nicholas Saini:

I’m 28 and I finally got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed a week ago. Completely harmless procedure. I went to bed and when I woke up, it was over. Still feeling numb, but I’m healing just fine.


Take your pain killers BEFORE the drugs wear off. Trust me on this.
Edit: they gave me Norco and 800mg ibuprofen and I was feeling good. Prolly overdid it with the Norco but oh well

zocima barragan:

I got all 4 removed a couple days ago, I was awake for the procedure. I think the most painful part was the numbing because the needles are thick and go straight into gums. Even with the numbing I still felt pressure and I STILL felt them pulling out my tooth from the root. I felt the vibration of the drill which was uncombfortable (my tooth wasn’t popping out so it had to be drilled into pieces.) My mouth was numb so I kinda felt somewhat pain, there was A LOT of bleeding the first 2 days, I was constantly changing the bandages to avoid infection. I didn’t get any stiches so I have literally 4 wholes in my mouth. This is just based off MY expierence; it is HELLA uncombfortable, a lot of stinging and soreness. Believe it or not it was actually more painful having my wisdom teeth still in because it was starting to cause an infection on my gums. I recommend warm water with salt to rinse, icing, elevate your head, drink lots of fluids, lots of rest, try your best not to stress or do the most. Hope this feedback helps.

Tyler Palazzo:

My prayers go out for anyone who has to deal with either of the second two.
Thank you for this video. I found it not only highly informative, but very comforting to learn about

Craig Zheng:

When I had my 2 sideway wisdom teeth removed, the operation took nearly 2 hours. It was so long the anesthesia starts to wear off that they had to give me another shot. I cannot eat or drink properly for a whole week.
Still, no regret, being able to sleep without wisdom teeth pain is such a bless.

Alonso Galindo:

As someone who had impacted teeth I know that it hurts and also itches, but mostly hurts. And when I got all 4 removed, only on the first day did I have pain on them. Obviously I got painkillers from the dentist but they never really hurt after.

Sam Gersch:

Just got my wisdom teeth out today lol. Thought I’d watch the process after I got the procedure done and it doesn’t look too bad even though I FREAKED out before the surgery. I’m also still on anesthesia and still can’t feel my lip or my cheeks


i got emergency surgery on 4 impacted wisdom teeth today. i was absolutely terrified of going and my body shook the whole time i filled out the paperwork. if you’re getting yours taken out and you’re horribly scared like i was, be sure to do research and find a gentle surgeon, just tell your surgeon before you get there and they may be able to refer you to a more accommodating office if they don’t feel like they’re a good fit. the biggest thing that helped me: IV SEDATION. one minute i was listening to music with the nurse, next thing i know i wake up to my husband smiling and telling me we can go home. I have bits of memory that are foggy but i never said anything crazy like the videos online, i could walk, read, and function pretty normal nearly right after.


Seriously, it wasn’t bad at all. Coming from someone who had all 4 taken out while only 2 were impacted. They gave me Motrin and I took 2 pills and never had to use it again. Slight stinging but the next day, it was fine. Healed perfectly and fast.