Putting Braces on

This video is about Putting Braces on


Sarah Martin:

To see people say they don’t need braces but are getting them kills me.
I am 23, and have been needing braces since I was 12. Family couldn’t afford them. I now have a job with benefits, that shocker, don’t cover braces. So I am finally going to start the process of getting them, paying for them with my own coin. Be grateful you get them, be especially grateful if you aren’t paying for them, because some people have cried over not getting them, been depressed, been scared of smiling and pictures, and avoided looking in the mirror because of their teeth.


It only hurts for 3 days, it may be uncomfortable but you’ll get used to it. Also after those 3 days , your teeth is gonna feel numb since it moved. But you’ll feel better eventually, also applying braces doesn’t hurt so don’t worry if you plan of getting them, you’ll be fine! Also your lips might SLIGHTLY change shape, but it won’t be obvious. Also when you come back for adjustments you won’t feel anything then the cycle continues until a year. So don’t worry you’ll only feel pain for approximately 3 days then when you adjust there will be no pain at all.

Kristy Marshall:

For those getting braces,
There is no needles or pain when the braces are put on. You will feel pain 1-5 days after you get them and it will be sore to eat and I recommend eating soup and ice cream on the day that you get them. For me, I have a underbite and my teeth weren’t perfectly straight, but mine straightened out really quickly and I was so pleased with them. It’s fun choosing colours for your braces. Some colours that I have had are: silver, lavender + yellow, berry purple and fluorescent pink. I’m getting my colours changed tomorrow to Navy + clear. I honestly think it’s fun going to the dentist and getting colours. Just remember do 100% as your dentist tells you and you will have beautiful teeth when your treatment is finished.
Good luck to everyone getting braces. 🙂

Suba Rajah:

Guys hey listen I used be sooo scared I had big anxiety yesterday when they were doing it it didn’t even hurt trust me it only hurts after that is happening to me right now trust me it dosent hurt u womt feel anything it’s actually really relaxing
Edit:if it hurts drink cold water a lot and sleep dont eat hard stuff and u will be ok.

Ashley Smith:

I’ve watched many videos of the process of getting braces. This is hands down the best informative video of the process. I literally got my braces tightened and I couldn’t see what was going on. But this throughly explained what happened during my appointment. Thank you for being so thorough


I got mine yesterday. The process felt pretty quick and I do not look half bad in them 😌 the worst part right now is soreness. You are not gonna wanna eat anything cause of the pain. It feels like you have a toothache on every single tooth. What helped me go through this was chewing with like the only back tooth and saying ” I wanted these, and I want straight teeth.”

Ari C:

After 5-6 years with braces I just got them off about 2 weeks ago..And I must say I sorta miss having them on my teeth but now no more braces face or train tracks 😂….lol jk but if you have braces it feels AMAZING without them and you’re teeth are going to be BEAUTIFUL! Just take it from me I’ve had my braces for about 6 years and honestly I’ve never been happier with my smile or teeth! Thanks for reading!