Pus from Infected Wisdom Tooth

A failed root canal on a wisdom tooth leads to pus drainage and extraction.


J Girl:

Poor guy. Getting the pressure off of his jaw as soon as the pus came out much have been a huge relief, even before the whole issue was resolved. That kind of inflammation is killer

Deadliest Chic87:

I bet his mouth felt SO much better after all that pressure from the infection was released! Also judging from his post op, he healed fantastically!

Lass-in Angeles:

Poor guy, that must have been so painful in the jaw! That was a very nice job of drainage and extraction, well done, doc!


I’ve had an infection develop in my tooth before due to it being cracked and the nerves were exposed. The pain was so bad it literally dropped me to my knees. I’m glad this person must be feeling better.

Anna Jo:

Gosh, probably felt so much better for that patient after you released the infection. That was bad 🙁


Such a bad timing for me right now, my wisdom tooth is hurting and all the dental clinics are closed for two months due to the coronavirus 💀


OMG all that pus flooding out was so great. I can’t imagine how painful that must’ve been. See your medical professionals early, kids!


This is what happened to my teeth it hurt so so bad I thought I was gonna to insane literally.. I truly respect and thank good dentist’s like you DR. Thank you for caring!!


This man must’ve been very brave and patient to sit through and handle such an intense procedure, even though it was necessary.
I recently had a regular wisdom tooth taken out and that was almost too much for me to handle.😲
(I managed to piss of the dentist with my crying over nothing.)

lilly mai:

Thank you for such a informative and helpful video. I fully understand the process of what is happening in my abscess and why after watching this.


My buccal abscess caused severe sepsis, leading to major emergency surgery. I’m still recovering from the sepsis after effects, five months later.

Kyle Jones:

Best thing I ever did was get my bad teeth removed… The amount of abscesses I had accompanied with toothache was so painful… And watching this even tho i have false teeth it still makes me cringe

brandon castillo:

Surprisingly the same thing happened to me, last yearin July I had to get my wisdom tooth removed because it was badly decayed and to be honest it was so unbearable…
The pain was so bad I felt like wolverine going on a rampage, I was literally 10 seconds away of grabbing the dentist by the throat…
I almost passed out at one point by the time it was done I felt just like wolverine when he died at the end of Logan