Pulpitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is pulpitis? Pulpitis is inflammation of dental pulp, and it’s usually caused by bacterial infections.


Roble Viejo:

I had concussions, articular infections, multiple bones fractured, tumors, and other health issues
To this day, I would choose to cut off one of my own fingers than experiencing pulpitis
The pressure, the palpitating pain, and later the absolute torturing pain that makes you feel like your skull
is cracked open is, to this day, the worst pain I have ever experienced. And I experienced a LOT of pain.


Before my filling I had minimal pain. And keep in mind my filling may have been kinda deep but it didn’t reach the nerve. and now I have all the symptoms of irreversible pulpitis after my filling. Why. Was it just a bad job on there part or what. Or is it just a bad case of reversible pulpitis. Please respond


My tooth with the decay feels tingly and I feel a bit of pain but not that severe, is it still reversible? I’m really worried


I do not have cavity in my molar. The denstis said i dont have any cavity in my irreversible tooth. When the dentist opened my root canal she said i have death tooth. So it means i am irreversible. How is it possible i do not have any cavity but my root canal infected ?.. i do not want to be extracted because i dont have any molar for chewing . I want to keep it.

Yunita Anastasia:

Why other people can stand until their tooh canal death…some people dont know also their canal root of is death..for me,waiting my canal root death n not going to dentist..better u kill me 😑

Anna Hermogino:

My teeth in the center when it’s touch by my bottom teeth hurts.. can i get a response?🥺