Problems with tooth filling – Overflowed filling

Wich problems can cause a bad filling technique?



hey i just got my fillings done and i just wanna tell you that there is nothing bro be scared off i was extremely scared of the needle but i didn’t even feel it go in and it’s generally not painful at all good luck to anyone who is getting one soon

Edward Bliss:

It’s been less than a week since my filling. I needed an old one re-filled because it was thinning out. I wouldn’t say I’m experiencing pain, but more sensitivity, usually once a day after my first meal. This is expected, but the last thing I want is to experience this for months, or even worse, a root canal. The stupid thing is that this feels a lot worse than before my trip to the dentist.

Kashish Neema:

Oh my god! My experience was lovely❤I got it just now, half an hour before, I was really scared of anesthesia and then drilling and what not! But to my surprise, my dentist didn’t gave me anesthesia and she did it so nicely that I didn’t even felt anything! Like honestly, after 5 minutes went so calmly, I was about to sleepcwith my mouth wide open😅 can you imagine!
So all the people who are afraid of getting their first cavity done, take a chill pill guys! I know ki darr toh lagta hi hai, koi kitna hi bole! But trust me, if you are somewhere In MP, India, then indeed come to Ujjain and visit to Dr. Namita Agrawal, and you will never feel afraid of a dentist!
Love to all❤

Turquoise dreamn:

I had a filling done in March 2020. It is now July 2021. Biting onto stale bread and crunchy food causes sharp pain. Flossing between the two teeth also causes sharp pain. 🙁


i had my lower molar filled a few years ago, had no problems with it but now I think it started to decay or fell off. It hurts so much that the pain reaches my ears 😭😭😭 I tried taking pain relievers but it still comes back. I can’t get to the dentist bc of the covid. Everyone pls take care of your teeth 🙏😭


It’s been a year since I got my teeth filling and I still can’t eat on my left side without it hurting.. like I’ve never had this problem before when I get a fill in 💀💀


Most of the Dentists will not give a good service, so that you will always comeback for another problem that will make money for them.

Twin Towers:

My filling on my right side hurts when I chew crunchy food. It also feels rough behind it. Is this normal? I’ve had it for a month now and my dentist checked it out and said that it was a little higher. I still have pain and a week passed since then. Im make another appointment and tell her about the rough part.

Sheikh Rahila:

My dentist did my filling but now it is kind of irritating


I had an old filling replaced and had small decay under it. After having it refilled and I can no longer floss between (my back 2 molars – bottom). Is this normal? It just shreds the floss. Also in some significant pain. The adjacent molar may have a failed root canal under the crown or a crack. The pain was hard to tell which tooth it was coming from and the pain is now worse after the filling. It’s day 4 and rotating otc meds and gabapentin is helping the pain more the NSAIDS and acetaminophen. Will this chill out. She never mentioned it being an especially deep cavity and the cost at $270 meant it was probably not a tough one. The root canal is 3.5 years old and was done by endo. The pain is now into my upper arch and pretty much 100% of the time. X-rays look fine. Anyhow. Should I be able to floss between those—go back?