Partial dentures & false teeth explained

Partial dentures & false teeth explained by Dr Chhaya Chauhan.



Thank you. This video has been really helpful. About to get a partial denture for upper and lowers. Still have cavity in some tooth but did the first impression already, was kind of worried about how the final product would look like since the teeth isn’t exactly perfect yet. Good to know that there is still room for improvement when filling or crowning later.

Robertas Liūtas:

Thank you for this video💜 I found my dental practice lacking of info I need about partial dentures… 😒
But,thankfully, I found your video😊
I just want to ask: If it’s made correctly, does it stays really stable, so it won’t fall out when I am laughing? I am so scared for this to happen in front of my colleagues… 😱😥

Emilio José Mollá:

Hi doc!
I have four molars missing in my upper jaw and I am thinking of using a metallic partial denture but I have many doubts and I can’t decide.
Do retaining hooks cause cavities in the parts where they are attached?
Do you eat well with it?
Is it definitely a good option?


Can additional teeth be added to the plate? Very good video thanks

Andii Edits:

Hi is a partial NHS denture for one back molar tooth at the top back of mouth still a full suction plate covering the entire top palette or is it smaller one? I have just had the first moulds taken and I assumed it it would be smaller in size? All videos I have looked at mainly show full dentures or partial dentures with many more than one tooth!

Laura And Lisa:

Dear Doctor, I have several teeth missing on my upper and lower jaw and I am 35 years old. I am financially pressed and I want to know if this £269 would cover the cost to replace all my missing teeth or just one tooth or one plate. In total I have a combined loss of about 15 teeth. Please be kind enough to answer my question regarding the cost.


I have partials and even though they keep tightening them up when I eat they still feel like everything gets under them how can I stop that what can I use I can’t stand the food going underneath it it makes it gross

Tianna Elizalde:

Do they stain? Would it be the same if there’s teeth on the bottom and top? How much different will they feel/look compared to my old mouth? And is it easier or even recommended that if u get a lot of teeth out that u just opt for dentures instead of partials? Why/why not? I’m really scared of the dentist but I’m even more afraid of what that 3 month period will look like with teeth missing 😞