Orthodontic Treatment for Tongue Thrusting Habit – Different Options

Tongue Thrusting Habit and It’s Different Types of Orthodontic Treatment


Leslie H:

I’m 13 and in about a week im getting the ones on the top😂 I have a tongue thrust, I never sucked my thumb or anything. I think it’s hereditary since my mom has it too, but she did suck her thumb lol. I hope it works!


I have the same problem but instead of having a tongue guard my orthodontist sent me to a Tongue Positioning doctor, I bet this is way more painful


I am wearing the second one. It feels uncomfortable for the past few months. I somehow broke mine. Is it really expensive to fix a piece of metal?


I went for an orthodontic consultation today and the orthodontist said that I may have to get this if I want braces because of my tongue thrust. Is it worth it, or should I just accept my gapped teeth?

Sara K:

Who can I call for advice? I have called two orthodontist so far and the only thing they recommend is braces to get this device in. Is that the only way? It cost around 5k for that and braces. I wish there was a more affordable option or different options for that matter. I would really appreciate a response. Thanks!

Nomsa Mankazana:

This exactly my problem, my orthodontist is going to put the tongue tamers in later on. Now I have a serious question.. does this mean no kissing for 2 years?! 😨

Sami Khan:

Believe me sometimes I am thinking for suicide because i didn’t find any doctor in Dubai and Pakistan to solve my problem I shared my problem with 50 doctors but nobody reached to the actual reason and salutation..I am struggling with this problem from last 15 months now I damage my front down 4 teeth and gums badly