Orthodontic Treatment for Narrow Upper Jaw with Functional Shift – Expander or Spacer

When upper jaw or dental arch is narrow patient needs to slide the jaw to one side in order to fit the teeth together. This shift is called functional shift. Expansion is required to address this issue.



I had this exact same problem. Got SARPE surgery and expanders.. wore the expanders for almost a year. It was difficult to speak because your tongue would always get bruised from the expander, teeth are always sore. Teeth get stained and you can’t even brush properly because of the expanders. But after everything i went through i would like to say it was totally worth it!


I had the expansion method before my braces and it’s so much worse than actual braces since it’s more painful and uncomfortable in my opinion. It helped a bit but braces were needed to align my teeth and jaw better

v d:

I have the same issue. My midline is off as is illustrated in the video and my canine grinds on my top canine whenever I close my mouth. My orthodontist said that its fine..Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


I have the exact same thing and feel like if my smile or jaw is off. Would this procedure make a huge difference? I’m so happy I found this

I Lost My Jams:

I went to the orthodontist a week ago, and they told me I had an 8 mm over jet and an open bite when I put my lower jaw in alignment with my top teeth. Now, watching this video and examining my teeth in the mirror, I noticed I have a crossbite on my back teeth, too. (My front teeth are exactly like the picture at 0:17-0:18.) Other than that, my teeth aren’t spaced out or crooked, but I just noticed how bad my teeth are lol. I’m going to get braces once my parents set up an appointment with our ortho.

Amy Perez:

I had it before and I got an expander on he roof of my mouth for 6 months then I got braces for 6 months on my 4 front teeth and they gave me an expander. That was back in 2015. I’ve lost my expander since then and it’s been 2 years….the cross bite is coming back and I went to the dentist a few weeks ago and they told me if I wanted braces again I could have them and I said yes but I don’t know if it’s to fix my cross bite or my 4 front teeth. They also said something about he orthodontist and I feel if I go back they will get mad at me for loosing the expander and never going back to get a new one lol. What a story


Finally i found it…..i have the same problem which was shown in that animation…..and i have speaking problem to… These are all happend after having my dental braces. Can any one says by rearranging it as shown in the video will rectify my speech problem …….pls…..i get so worried day by day…