Orthodontic devices – Palatal expander and headgear ©

The headgear and the palatal expander are two types of orthodontics that may be used in patients who have not developed the maxilla correctly.


Tongue Guard:

If you have any pain on your tongue from it pressing on the metal RPE, Tongue Guard will help. My son had an infected cut on his tongue from the metal and nothing would help. He was in terrible pain. I made the first one for him and wearing it just one night, the pain was gone. He could talk and eat again. It took him around 10 days of wearing it off and on until his tongue was fully healed. Life saver. The guards are made in a dental lab here in the USA.


I had the pallet expander. it doesn’t hurt , but food get stuck in it and when you tighten it with the key it feels really sore


I had one of these and when you turn the key you can feel it in you nose. It gets tighter and then the next thing you know I woke up one day with a giant gap in my teeth. I had one in the first place but this one was huge!


I had this for months and I remember when I first got them I could not eat anything it felt so weird and it hurt really bad and food would always get stuck above the expander. I also got a lisp from it and when I got them off I didn’t had the lisp anymore. Anyways, the expander really did wonders to my teeth.

Kyanna Jk:

I’ve had to get this twice. The first time, I had it in for 6 months and for a good 6 weeks I had to turn the key. I had a massive gap where I could fit my entire tongue through it. After about 2 weeks my teeth went back to normal. The second time, two years later, I had to get an hydro hyrax expander with two screws in the roof of my mouth, then the actual expander would connect to the screws. I still had to turn the key for 6 weeks and 5 months later I got it taken out but the screws are still in my mouth. They hurt at times, but hey I’m going to have perfect teeth when this is over 🙂

Scottsdale Dentist, Princess Center Dentistry:

Good video showing how expanders work


You know the thing that attaches to your molars to hold it in place? I have a tooth growing behind that

A Hinrichs:

My son had these palate expanders and hated every minute of it, in the end he had to have surgery to expand his upper jaw.

Aldrin Jim Sotelo:

this really helps with some people have this condition and dont need any kind of surgery


me : “mom i want to fix my gap teeth and crooked front teeth”
parents : “i will never!, it makes you like a girl”
me : -_-