Oral Radiology | X-Ray Settings | NBDE Part II

In this video, we discuss the many factors that can be modified like exposure time and peak kilovoltage to change the radiographic image quality and radiation dose. Thanks for watching!


Vy Vo:

Hi Ryan . I am a oversea student , when I came Us , English is the second language it’s mean I have study double . I was keeping watching your video every day , everytime I can ( I still work full time and study) . I passed today ! Thank you so much for sharing because Covid times , no school , no one teaching me . Thanks Ryan 🙂!

Jenifer Smith:

Listened to this in the car on my way to take my test and I fully credit this to my passing grade. Perfect refresher and the way you related the answers is very helpful. I appreciate you!

N c:

Radiology had never been my cuppa tea.. until I started watching your videos! xD
Thank youu for all these simplified explanations! 😀

Sejal Mehta:

Hey Ryan, As always great videos with excellent information given in nut shell. In the last slide, the table is stating “Energy” and in the same column it is mentioned about the “contrast”. But as you said they don’t go hand in hand. You mentioned in the previous slide/comment.. about Higher KVP and Higher Filtration will lead to “Higher Energy” photons. So with “Higher KVP” — “Energy” of the photons will “Increase” — and “Contrast” will “Decrease” (as there is more penetrating power)

Armando Grijalva III:

Keep them comming. Radiology’s is my favorite because it’s the field I want to master thank you for your videos

Brea Hatcher:

OMG you are the best !!!!! as soon as im done studying my notes i come and watch your videos to get a better understanding .

Babur Ali:

You said increased energy results in higher energy photons which increases contrast. Then you said increasing Tube Potential increases both energy and intensity, therefore shouldn’t increasing Tube Potential increase density AND contrast? Why does contrast decrease with increased Tube Potential?

Abdul Saboor Ali:

Hello Dr Rayan 😘 love from Pakistan .
I am also a medical Dental Student You’re videos Are ❤️❤️Awsom