Oral Radiology | Radiation Dose | NBDE Part II

In this video, we discuss the different interactions of x-rays with human tissue and terminology associated with dosimetry. Thanks for watching!



Its my first time in your Channel, and id definitely be a patron. 🙂 I love how you discuss these topics. do you have prosthodontics videos?

Alexander Nwogu:

Thank you Dr Ryan..totally enjoyed this. Totally succinct I must say!! Could they ask about the occupational exposure limit for pregnant dental professionals…and that’s because i saw this on ADA website,” For pregnant dental personnel, the radiation exposure limit is 0.5 mSv per month”

Ramandeep Gupta:

Thank you Dr.Ryan. I m looking forward for more oral radiology videos

Sukanya Sarangi:

Thank you. Can you also please make a video of SLOB rule.


Will I get a one on one time with you, if I become a super patron?
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