Oral Radiology | Film vs. Digital Imaging | NBDE Part II

In this video, we cover the advantages and disadvantages of film and digital imaging as well as the steps for chemical processing and troubleshooting film images. Thanks for watching!


Harpreet Randhawa:

If you could discuss case based dentistry too
That would be too helpful
Thank you for investing your precious time !!

martyna wleklik:

I’m not a dentist never will be but your videos are so good and you explain everything so nice that I’ve been binge watching them all. It’s fascinating!

Rabecca hussain:

God bless you! I have been postponing my part 2 because of oral radiology . Now i feel confident to go ahead ! Are we having any more of radiology videos please!

Mackenzie Greene:

Your videos are so helpful and thoughtfully set out, do you have any tips for pre-clinic I find indirect vision really difficult, especially cavity preps for upper molars. Do you have any tips?

Kajal Malani:

Hey Ryan thank you so much for videos. 😍😍😍😍😍You’re great person🥰🥰🥰. Is there more videos on oral radiology or this is last one?

Razon dattebayō:

Detector latitude is how forgiving the receptor is hahaha. Lol. That was funny.
Great explanation. Thank you Mental Dental 🌸🌸🌸

Abdul Saboor Ali:

Mental Dental Hoo Hoo ❤️Mental dental Hoo hoo❤️