Operative Dentistry | PRACTICE QUESTIONS | NBDE Part II

In this video, we go over 15 practice questions to test your knowledge of operative dentistry for the board exam. Thanks for watching!


Max Kazantcev:

Hi Ryan!!! I would like to thank you for all the great job you are doing for us! It is a PASS for me and I believe that it is mostly due to your great videos! You are THE BEST!!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!

Parul Sanghavi:

Thanks Dr Ryan for being such a great teacher. Got all correct!

The CLEAR Institute:

What you are doing is great. I wished we could have something like this… 28 years ago!!!! Keep up the good work!

Lara Ragab:

Got all of the questions right thanks to a great teacher. Thanks a lot for these great videos, it’s a good reminder to a working dentist as well. Sometimes we tend to forget some essential theory.

Ty Yang:

I got most of these questions wrong, but I would still like to get those bonus points for getting #9 EDTA wrong too. Looking forward to the ortho series

Maitree Patel:

i got 13 out of 15. i got the titration Q and the slow speed hand piece used for caries removal near pulp wrong. Your videos are saving my life. Love your work. Thankyou soo much for dedicating your time to help students out

Chasity Kaegi:

All but 1 correct!! I’m studying for my restorative licensing as an EFDA in Oregon! Your vids are super helpful!! Plz consider making vids especially for restorative expanded functions dental Assistants studying for restorative licensing! Thank you kindly!

Joseph Day:

Hey Ryan,
I got 14/15 right! I think these videos are going to help me crush NBDE II! Thank you for doing them. Lots of hard work was put into these and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thanks again!

J R79:

13 good out of 15. You are amazing teacher !!!!!. All your videos have been helping me in reinforce my knowledge for this coming test. Thanks a lot!! So happy I’m part of your Patron account.