Operative Dentistry | Diagnosis & Treatment Planning | NBDE Part II

In this video, we discuss the caries exam process, diagnosis, and treatment planning considerations in operative dentistry. Thanks for watching!


Habeeb Ahmad:

I wish you were my teacher when I was in dental school. So simple yet very informative. I actually enjoy watching every single video of yours. Keep up the great work Dr Ryan.

Marie Mamar:

honestly, I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Ryan. your videos are so simple and helpful. more grease to your elbow
with love from Nigeria


Would you be able to do a whole video on radio graphic faults and how to spot them on x rays, and a wide range of the different things to see on x rays please? I have an exam on this in a month and a half.

Echs Kpm:

nice presentation doctor. nice explanation in this videos.v good that whatever u said in most videos it is clinically important also

Harpreet Randhawa:

Just finished your endo series
Thank you doctor for working hard !!!!

Shameema Bharveen:

you are adorable✌…alrdy complted 2 series…i kept all of dos notes n written part…keep going doc👏…really helful&informative…recollect all stuff✌👏