Operative Dentistry | Dental Caries | NBDE Part II

In this video, we discuss the ins and outs of dental caries, including demineralization and remineralization, the Stephan curve, and caries terminology for the board exam. Thanks for watching!


Nayan Patel:

I can hear the enthusiasm of Dr. Ryan in this video! Great video that summarizes everything we need to know in simple language and really good pictures. I also appreciate that Dr. Ryan connects and reminds us that the information is not just to pass the exam but also good to know and apply clinically. Thank you very much for all you do and making these amazing learning content 🙂

Nowee Ronquillo:

I was supposed to start reviewing for the board exams this year, but then the pandemic happened. SO my mom told me to look for reviewers online but I couldnt concentrate because I can hear my thoughts and its jumping from one thought to another. I stumbled upon this channel and it was a blessing. With these lectures, I can easily imagine myself in a classroom setting. I am more focused and I cannot hear random thoughts in my head. This is amazing! Thank you so much!!


licensed dentist here now. these vids saved me last summer for boards and now as a refresher before work! thanks a ton!!

Yoga with Dr. Komal:

Thank you very much Dr.Ryan…you are one of the best dental educator globally 🙏

Priya Godbole:

Your videos are way better than other’s…I dnt like to read books, I like lectures & if they are explained like you do, I really dnt need to read I can remember …thank you so much for explaining so beautifully & taking so much effort …. thank you 😊


Thanks!! I’m studying dentistry and i try to learn this stuff like global education and i wondered how it goes in US and in world; and it also helps my lessons in my university. Good job!

Jaya N:

Hi Dr Ryan. You are like an angel like God for me. I have nothing apart from Thank you to you. You have saved my life I passed my part 2 finally after lot of attempts just Bcz of only you.
You have no idea how much you are helping others with your knowledge. God bless you all the success and good luck in life 🙏🙏🙏🙏

1 2:

Hi, dr Ryan! Thank you so much for the video, really appreciate it
Usually dentists are attentive to details, true to that, I am pointing out at around 8th min you have H3PO4. There’s no need for the small 3 top right 😄