Operative Dentistry | Amalgam | NBDE Part II

In this video, we talk about what dental amalgam is made out of, when and how to use it, and toxicity and hazard concerns. Thanks for watching!


Khanai Safi:

Great video thank you Dr.Ryan putting your time making these videos, but little correction ‘’ gamma is the strongest and has least corrosion while gamma-one is strong and corrosion resistant, although not as resistant as gamma phase’’

Nekdaraz Wazir Nekdaraz Wazir:

Sir your lectures are very interesting and full of knowledge and method of teaching is very good sir I request you to complete orthodontics lectures like other subjects as prosthodontics etc you have just uploaded treatment planing lectures sir I request you to complete the orthodontics lectures thanks

Reem Nassar:

Hello Dr Ryan. First I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to make these absolutely great videos! You don’t know how much it’s making it easy for me and a lot of people.
Second I would like to ask about something, in this video you say gamma 1 phase is the strongest.But I think gamma phase is the strongest as I also read it in several other sources. So am I correct?

Tara Whittington:

Thanks so much for these videos, they’re a lifesaver!
Just a question about 3:15 as the y and y1 were flipped compared to what I’ve been told about strength.
I was taught the gamma phase is the strongest with the most corrosion resistance (and gamma1 is weaker than gamma, but still stronger than gamma2).


Thank you very much great lecture as always, hope you are staying safe

R Luo:

Hi Dr. Ryan! Another wonderful video, thank you! I was wondering if it’s common to use lathe cut type Amalgam as well and if admixed is a mix of lathe cut and spherical? Thanks!

MBBS and BDS lectures by Dr Alamdin:

Very nice lectures sir your lectures are very informative and very simple and your teaching skill is amazing sir I like your every video and I never miss your video and I watch your all videos thanks for sharing such a knowledge


Hey Ryan
Thanks for these wonderful videos… I was just wondering if you could make videos on genetic and geriatric dentistry as these subjects are included in inbde and most of us don’t have much idea on this… so please if you can make it. Looking forward for those videos too.
Be well.

farinaz sepahifar:

Hello, thank you for the video. Question , it says in First Aid pg 24 that Gamma is the strongest phase vs in this video says gamma one is. Could you please confirm which is accurate, thank you.