Juicy Pus Explosion from Dental Abscess with Extraction

Watch juicy pus explosively drain out of this dental abscess from an infected tooth. Then observe as the tooth is extracted right before your eyes. Incredible detail and footage not seen in other videos!



The pain from an absess is extraordinary. Those who’ve had it know exactly what I’m talking about. 👿

Krystal Tagaer:

That was the smoothest tooth removal I’ve ever seen.

susan brown:

Poor chap, I bet he was in so much pain. Once upon a long time ago, people died from this sort of thing, long drawn out excruciatingly painful deaths, thank you to all you dentists out there!! 🙏🏼


Poor man he must’ve been a terrible pain before he saw the dentist. That could be anyone of us. Dental care is such a modern day blessing. Thank you Dr for letting us see this

Bill Levins:

I had that same tooth and type of infection in my mouth about 2 years. I felt so terrible with it. I got the tooth extracted and felt amazing for the next several days. It’s a good feeling to have a big empty crater in your mouth where a rotten infected tooth was. It feels like my body was cleansed of something toxic.

It’s ya girl Deij:

I love how they were so careful and explained what they were doing, and asked about pain. When I had to get a tooth pulled when I was younger I was literally told to stop screaming because it doesn’t hurt. I felt everything they were doing and my mom had to come back there and yell at them because I was in pain, the only thing they said to her was “well we numbed her so it shouldn’t hurt”


There is nothing that scares me more than getting an abscess in my tooth. I’ve had plenty. I got a abscess during chemo, got septic and almost died.
Thank you for taking good care of him.


Just had 2 teeth pulled with a huge abscess. Honestly wish I went sooner. I avoided the dentist for years! I got like 15 shots to the face and it wasn’t that bad. I even have stitches. You guys who are worried and feeling anxious, the abscess feels 30x worse then the dental procedure. You will be ok

Tenae Williams:

I absolutely appreciate that they didn’t allow any drop of ous to flow inside mouth. The suction tube was ready to receive any drippings. So thoughtful and sanitary

Mr. Chipmunk:

I’ve been in a similar situation before and the pain is just unique, you feel like your head’s getting pummeled and you’re easily irritated. It was a rough time.

Karen Sketchley:

Outstanding !! Imagine a dentist who actually cares about a patients pain level. I can watch these now since all of my teeth have been removed lol
I loved it when the woman said ” you doin’ ok honey ??”
What a great team you are ! Bravo 👏

M1N1G1RL007 H:

I’m on day 7 since I’ve had this exact thing done. I had bone loss also. I’m still hurting but not as bad as I was I was in severe pain and in tears! My extraction was the number 2 tooth. In back next to where my wisdom tooth was. I’m watching this and I’m on the ice pack as I type this. I had to have the infection cleaned out down to the bone🥴

Drew Made New:

This dentist was amazing. I had an extraction of a tooth today that quickly went down hill. Ended up losing that tooth and the one sitting next to it. Took my dentist almost an hour to do it, and required six sutures. What should have been a simple tooth extraction turned into a traumatic and painful ordeal.


I used to volunteer as a dental assistant at a low income clinic and would assist the dentist with many tooth extractions. This is a talented dentist he didn’t yank the patients face around when he pulled with the forceps! Usually it makes an awful popping noise too he was so smooth with it. Very satisfying. 🙂