Incision and Drainage of Tooth Abscess Draining Pus

This short video shows how incision and drainage is done for a tooth abscess with ours oozing out.


Major Spaik:

I can guarantee he felt so good after he got rid of it.
The pain is unbearable,enough to drive you crazy.

Steph Louise:

I had this done in hospital yesterday and the nurse didn’t give the anaesthetic full chance to kick in and do it’s job.. so I felt every bit of the incision 😫 Still super swollen and painful today. Never want to go through that again!!!

Meye Leyef:

God bless the good dentist. Very underrated profession …lots of Love and respect for the dentist out there

Wimar Santria:

I’ve been through this. As soon the fuss popped, the pain is gone. Let me tell you, the pain is soo unbearable, enough to make you cry

Calvin Gordon:

Dude, you are a professional. Hell yes. I watched another absess video where the doc put the shot in and left it, sucked it out with the shot. The dude was literally screaming. This seems way more pro and peaceful

wolfofrhodeisland X:

Had this happen to me at the beginning of the pandemic.i was so afraid of getting sepsis.i lanced my own gum. drained it and cleaned out the pocket.right before i passed out


Managed to get me one of these when I was serving a short prison sentence.. Lucky for me, part of its wall was really superficial to the point it almost looked like a pimple.. So I could drain it real easy using a needle, that way I was able to prevent it from spreading.. Tho I was super shocked when I learned the actual depth of it when I first punctured it

Don Meyers:

As a nurse, whoever has suction was asleep at the wheel