IMPACTED TOOTH – What to do when permanent teeth don’t grow

Canine or other teeth can sometimes be retained and not erupt. This problem is known as an impacted tooth and can be solved with various techniques, including orthodontic traction.


Nin Arapovic:

I had this experience. I have been wearing braces for 3 years now. I was making space and pushing my teeth on the left side so the right canine would fit. The process of making space for it took 1.5 years. After that I had canine teeth exposure surgery that was really painful and I even got bruises under my eyes. They open your mouth from left to the right canine and the surgery lasts 1 hour. To get to the point where the chain was even showing it took about 5-6 months for teeth to start coming out. I had surgery in July and first time I saw tiny pice of mu tooth was January. Now in April we had placed a bracket on the tooth and just now in May we can se almost the whole tooth. Unfortunately you are not finished yet when the tooth comes out cause you need to move your teeth back to the right and that takes at least one more year of wearing braces. The process is long and the waiting part is the worst cause there are a lot of chances of the tooth coming rotated or not even coming out. I think that the results at the end are worth it!!! Please if you have any questions I can speak from my experience cause I know there are not a lot of videos or pages about it. It’s painful, frustrating and long process but it’s definitely worth waiting and fighting!


That’s what happened to me. But I never got to complete the process from when I started in the early 1990s. My mother got impatient with the process of bringing the tooth down, and made me stop treatment halfway through. The bracket is still on my tooth after thirty years, and I have a gaping hole where the tooth should be.

Ellibot Games!:

I have a tooth that I pulled out when it was on its last thread of gum but that was 3-4 mouth ago any idea how long it will take for it to grow in this is my last adult tooth


Gosh none of my canines are growing it’s been already 9 months since I have broke my canines am scared af

Meredith Tan:

How long does it take upper canine tooth to grow? It has been weeks and there’s still a gap. I’m scared

Umme Abiha Ali:

in my lower jaw there is only one tooth which is really tiny and my other teeth in the lower jaw are spaced out and crooked.

Luis Hernández:

My little niece had both of her upper middle teeth removed months ago, one of them fully erupted while the other has no sign of wanting to come down. She’s 8 years old. Is this common? I’m worried, should she be taken to the dentist? If she was my child I would’ve done so like yesterday lol but I have no say.