How to TREAT TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Dysfunction and BRUXISM (teeth grinding) ©

What is bruxism or teeth grinding? What causes Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction (TMJD)? How can I treat it?



I haven’t been to the dentist since I was in the army (2014). I’ve been fairly good with cleaning my own teeth with a proper set of dental tools, while keeping them sanitized. Flossing, brushing regularly when I can (I had a 6 month period where I was homeless in 2016-2017). One thing though that I have been wondering for years was what was causing my teeth to slightly wear down. I hardly ate anything sugary because I can’t afford it, my diet was ok, just calorically low. I never had issues grinding my teeth as a child, so I tossed it up to malnutrition. But now I realized that since I’ve dealt with rather intense mental trauma I probably had a short bit of Bruxism. I recall that I had over a two year period where I was suffering with symptoms of PTSD during and after I got out of the army. I would have panic attacks where I would clench my teeth and have night terrors where I’m sure I was grinding my teeth in my sleep.
Luckily I’m in a much more healthy mental state, with a roof over my head and a solid support group of friends. However I still cannot afford to go to a dentist. I probably wont be back to one any time soon, being that I genuinely haven’t had any tooth aches, periodontal issues, cavities, or witnessed any further wear in the last 3 years. At least I know now what caused my wear.

S K:

This is an extremely helpful video, THANK YOU for uploading it!

giana roblox:

My TMJ sometimes locks my jaw when I sleep so when I wake up, I can’t open my mouth all the way.. I wanna go to the dentist again but I can’t cause of the pandemic

ASMR Sleep:

My jaw is currently locked. It’s done this a few times already but Dave out a few seconds after. I’ve been dealing with this for 2 weeks. It started after a did a front flip into the pool. This is the first time where I can’t open it without being scared of breaking something and the pain is too much.

Ayush Das:

🙏Whenever there is a problem with TMJ or mouth opening, chewing food, you would like to tell you from experience that while eating food, keep equal amount of food on both sides of the tooth inside the mouth and chew it slowly or eat soft food, hard things like Do not use copra, gram, brackish etc., exercise the mouth daily before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning and keep taking protein and calcium in the diet and be happy.🙂

8ap Esme:

So I’ve had this problem since I can remember. Everytime I yawn, or I’m eating something that requires me to open my mouth wide my left side of my jaw cracks. It’s so irritating and somewhat embarrassing but I have no pain. I’ve told my dentist at least 3 different times about it and how it’s irritating and she told me that as long as there’s no pain I shouldn’t worry about it. But it’s so irritating. I don’t know what to do.

RFCazzabear X:

My jaw started popping and hurting after brace treatment, it can be very uncomfortable at times and I can not open my mouth fully without pain