How to Take Bite Wing Dental X-Rays

Carrington College Instructor Miss Medina shows you how to take bite wing radiographic images, or x-rays.


G S:

Oh my god I’m in dental assisting and now getting to the x ray topic and this helped sooo much and gave me a much better idea on how to take a proper X-ray. Thank you!

Elizabeth Schiada:

She should be going over how to open the contacts of the teeth. That’s something I have trouble with. Another thing she should go over is landmarks and what parts of the patient’s head and face to use as a guide when taking xrays.


My x-rays dramatically improved the very next day after watching this! I can’t thank you enough for this video!!


I didn’t go to school for dental assisting and so far I’m doing good but getting a good PA is hard!🙃


What happens if the xray turns out to be blurry? What causes the xray image to be blurry? if the patient bites down hard on the equipment , will there have any affect to the xray outcome?

nancy ibarra:

thank god I found this video is helping me as a review tomorrow I have my first dental assisting interview and they asked me to shadow I dont’ know what to expect


my dentist never asked me to put the protective gear on. But he protected himself by leaving me alone in the room without any instructions

DNH Academic:

I have a question for Miss Medina – what typodont setup are you using. I work for a community college and teach dental hygiene radiography. I like your setup better than the one we have. Can you tell me about this setup. We have Dexter model that are ancient and broken. Thank you.


Was really helpful, but my office doesn’t use the XCPs and as a new student I’m really struggling 🤦🏽‍♀️😕