How to put ceramic braces on teeth – Dentalkart

These bracket kits are one of the hottest selling and most affordable kit in the dental market now.
These are made up of Polycarbonate material and have good aesthetic value.
These are tooth colored braces.



who else is binge watching braces videos because you’re getting yours on soon? 😰
Edit: i got my braces on last week and imma give y’all some tips. When you first get them on it does’nt hurt but it just feels really big in your mouth. It starts to hurt a few hours after you get them on. Advil helps with the pain. You might get things called bite turbos on the backs of some of your teeth to prevent your teeth from colliding and breaking a brace. Its perfectly normal for your teeth to not touch because of that and dont worry, you wont have the bite turbos through the entire braces journey. I reccomend eating soft foods like mac and cheese and oatmeal when you first get your braces on. My mouth stopped hurting after about four days of gettimg my braces on. Soft flossing picks with bristles will be your best friend since food gets stuck very easily between your braces and you wont be able to use traditional floss. Water picks are also very good flossing alternatives aswell. I got ceramic braces on which means theyre clear. You will most likely get a guide from your orthodontist on what foods you can and cant eat. Ive looked up braces tips videos and theyve helped me a lot. I hope i helped! If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Im not an expert tho lol.


Getting mine in a week, so excited! This video helped, thanks 🙂


Imagine you’re getting braces and your orthodontist is watching this.


Y’all need to realize not all braces are for cosmetic purposes as you can she she has an overbite or a cross bite but she may also need room for another tooth to grow and much more and stuff like that long story short braces aren’t always for cosmetic purposes

Nova Gille:

Im getting braces and everyone has said “your honestly gonna look like shit just so u know” and they are my “friends” . I have no choice because they have to pull out my babytooth in the front, im 15 im not in online school or anything so i am gonna get seen by everyone. I honestly want to cry and i have . Y’all are so lucky that braces are quite common and popular in the us because here in sweden it ABSOLUTELY NOT


I’m getting these type of braces this coming week on Wednesday because of my overbite, and because my teeth aren’t straight and I think about something else but that’s all I know