How to Perform Dental Implants by MIS -Tutorial (3D Dental Animation)

The comprehensive technological innovations and tools that MIS offers for digitally guided surgery span the entire process of implant dentistry and restoration.

MCENTERs offer the dentist a one-stop shop and one source for accurate and all-encompassing digital planning, one source for the surgical template and associated surgical sets and one source for CAD/CAM solutions as well.

The Digital Analog for a printed model is used in a fully digital procedure using intra-oral scanning, including virtual implant planning, placement and digital restoration printing. Designed with geometry which provides optimal precision, the analog ensures exact positioning in a 3D printed model. That leads to accurate restoration planning and simulation.


Thanks for the tutorial now I can do it by my self at home

Ann Sky:
Thank you for this video, now I know how the process is going. I lost my tooth and the dentist did this operation, but I was a little bit worried and closed my eyes not to watch the process πŸ˜…

Thank you so much for the tutorial, I think I am ready to try this on my daughter now.

Ayush Sharma:
Thanks for this, did exactly like the video instructs, helped a ton.

Hello! The content was knowledgable. I’ve been trying to research for a YouTube video like yours that explains the ideas in this vid! πŸ™Œ πŸ™ŒYour breakdown for sure is similar to the content from Dr. Ethan. Doctor Ethan’s videos are really insightful and I actually learned a lot for my studies! He is a respected medical student in the UK.

I get these are meant for doctors in training but man this feels so detailed its like they want you to try this at home instead of just giving examples of what to do.

Ruben S.:
After seeing they put some sort of plaster in the beginning, they practically can make a hard plaster tooth. Just get some heating instrument that won’t burn and harm the patient, then use a drill to sculp a new tooth. Apply some coating that when heat is applied makes a shiny tooth like surface, to later polish to make it look like a real tooth. If not needed, then just polish the dried plaster.

Emerson Clark:
To all the frantic dentists watching this 5 minutes before the operation, you’ll be fin.

Imagine your dentist just watching this while they perform surgery on your teeth

WOW such an easy tutorial i tried it on my friend he said that its so great he wont be coming back to my house for another treatment 😊

Greg Wasdyke:
there’s something humbling and terrifying about seeing a literal surgery guide on youtube with an “optional” step

Imagine if your dentist plays this while looking at the screen then doing the exact same thing.

Imagine your getting anesthesia and right when your about to pass out you see your dentist play this