How to Give Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals

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Jordyn Pulaski:

Hey if you are afraid of needles do not worry it does not hurt I did not feel anything I have Panic attacks and I was fine

Morena Reyna:

I got 5 cavities filled today on my right lower and upper jaw and the injections don’t hurt until the anesthesia wears off but the numb feeling is just crazy!

sammy t:

I got it done before and I’m scared of needles. I usually have panic attacks when I see one but for some reason I didn’t for this. it feels like getting poked by a fish bone a few times. if you just go for it and not stall on it, it’ll help with calming down 🙂

Emily Krey:

I know this video is meant for dental students but I’m just trying to get over my fear of dental needles 😂 it’s a problem

Little_birdie/아가새 08:

I actually felt the needle going in and out, it wasn’t painful it was uncomfortable for sure and gave me a bit of anxiety lol

g critixal:

who else is here because they got cavity’s and they are going to the dentist


I’ll be 100% honest, I just had a filling and I was really nervous about the injection. I got numbing cream, he told me that the worst part was over. I didn’t even feel a prick of air when he injected the local anaesthetic.

Amaru O’Brien:

Just wanna thank everyone in these comments. I, like almost everyone here, have fillings soon ( shoutout to ppl with root canals soon) and I was heccin terrified but these comments really reassured me y’all are saints even tho Im still prolly gonna freak tmrw. Thank you guys 🙏


For anyone who needs to get this done please don’t worry i got mine done today and it didn’t hurt at all the pink stuff makes it numb so u wont feel a thing