How To Floss

Dr Chhaya Chauhan explains how you should floss (clean in between) teeth.



Flossing has slowed my gum disease tremendously. I regret not doing it younger I have so many dental issues. FLOSS and brush folks, it will save you years of pain and suffering.

Marcus Nelson:

This video was extremely helpful. I hate flossing but after my dentist appointment today she definitely recommended me to do it more often but the proper way. I was so use to using the wax ones with the handle but she preferred the string floss which I hate.

This Old Tooth:

πŸ‘„I challenge everyone out there to try flossing your teeth for 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days and I can tell you how much more confident you will be that your breath is not offensive and how it will prevent all kinds of other dental problems. – Dr. Lisa Germain (sending full support) 🦷🦷🦷

Filter Envelope:

Great video. I, like many others arrived here after getting some very overdue and needed work carried out on my teeth at the dentist yesterday. Flossing was also recommended to me. Are there major advantages with using a water or air-based electric flosser, or does the traditional manual floss suffice? Having a huge water device in the bathroom seems a bit cumbersome. Thanks!


I have a disabled relative who’s never wanted to learn to floss untile now, so I’m teaching him. This tutorial helped give him an idea on how it looks, so thank you!! I’m sure with practice and guidance, he’ll be able to floss more thoroughly

Sanae Abgour:

I moved recently to electric brushing as well as water flossing, and I have never felt my teeth any cleaner.

Pankaj Mistry:

After a recent dental cleaning, bleeding gums and bad breath have brought me to flossing on a regular basis. Let’s see if I get the technique down, or switch to the sticks or water jet.
Thanks for the very informative video.

Chandan Kumar:

Thank you very much for this video πŸ˜‡ However i would recommend anyone not to use jet floss. My friend was using it to but later his dentist told him the enamel layer of your teeth is been washed out and now they are more prune to damage. Its better to use a normal floss then a jet one πŸ₯³ Thank you for showing me the technique 🀟🏻


I’m terrible at flossing. I have gone periods of months without flossing and the bleeding is so dramatic. Have been flossing daily for the last week or so and it has stopped bleeding.

Happy Healthy Smiles:

I have seen kids as young as 4 years old with cavities in between teeth. I always recommend flossing as young as 3 or 4 yrs, especially if they have tight contacts between the teeth.