How to FIX BROKEN BRACES and other orthodontic emergencies: poking wire, loose bands…

It is common for the wearers of dental braces to sometimes suffer some kind of orthodontic emergency during treatment.


Small Shrimp:

I was messing with my braces (first hour of getting them) and I heard a loud snap
I don’t know what the issue is or how to identify it

Blaire Stephen Nojas:

Hi doc i have a questions, I just got my braces 1 week ago and my molar band on the upper left side is loosed and my next appointment is in 3 weeks. Is it ok to wait for my next appointment to adjust it or should i visit my dentist right away? And is my braces still work properly?

Kavya nair:

Hi top right end teeth bracket is loose after tightening of braces 2 days ago…is it bad to wait 1 week for taking a visit to my orthodontist…will it affect my tooth movement?


Hi doc i have a question, i just got braces 1 week a go and i accidentally bite into ice and my back bracket in the molar fell off entirely but it doesn’t bother me at all and my next appointment is 3 weeks a way, is my braces still work properly with missing bracket? thanks.

Luchaan January:

Hi doc i got my braces yesterday and i was flossing and one came loose it doesnt bother me and it doesnt move it is just loose should i be worried my next appointment is in 2 months, what should i do?


Hey doc so I have a question I think the bracket came off the pad that is glued to my tooth, should I visit the orthodontist or can I wait to my next appointment?

JJ Rae:

hi so i had my braces put on about 3 weeks ago and I have 2 back wires at the bottom if that makes sense? so the main one that connects through and then i have a mini one that wraps around that wire, the mini one that wraps around has come loose should I tell my orthodontist or wait till my next appointment that isn’t till November 15th?

sidhi avilasi:

Hey doctor,
While chewing food I suddenly bit it with my front teeth, my gums bleeded a bit, then it was fine but I can feel the pain. Should I worry ?