How to fix a chipped/broken tooth, dental bonding, composite Pasta Evergreen Dental, Billerica, MA

Hi, I am Andy Huh, DMD @ Evergreen Dental in Billerica, MA. In this video, I would like to show you how I can repair a chipped / broken front tooth via dental composite resin filling, so we can bring smile back. This is not a real person, it’s dental manikin model. Thank you!



Being doctor is not easy , it’s also an art , this video is approved

Time less:

I’m having my chipped front tooth repaired next week and this explained a lot. Thanks! I wonder if it will be a different colour though…

My mom saw my email name 0-0:

Me with a chipped tooth watching to see how they are going to fix mine so my anxiety goes away: 😯

Peter Parker:

Hey Doc!
About 15+ years ago when I was a small kid, I was playing with heavy stone which is used to grind Chutneys. I was laying on the back and throwing the stone up and catching it. I enjoyed it untill it slipped off my hands and fell right on my Upper Right front tooth and it caused a hairline crack which was visible upon a very close inspection and could be felt when you run your finger tips over it.
I had no pain or discomfort back then and I forgot about it untill recently when all of a sudden I remembered it while checking my teeths getting misplaced due to the arrival of Wisdom Teeth. Over the years I assumed the crack would have healed but No, I was wrong. The crack is still there in that exact same condition. There’s no pain or discomfort.
I just want to know is it a matter of concern?
If I go for braces to correct my misplaced Teeth, would it help progressing that hairline crack?
Please do reply.🙏

Cynthia Ledesma:

Thank you for posting this gives me hope💜.

Jeff Bacon:

This is so awesome. Now I know mine can be fixed. My son hit me with a nerd gun. Chipped two teeth. 😐

Aaliyah Obligado:

i have that teeth(exactly like that) for 5 years since im in 4th grade and now im in 9th grade, this really gives me hope thank u for this!


I have ridges on my teeth and while i was eating sunflower seeds almost a year ago, the seed was hard and caught a ridge causing it to chip. SInce my teeth are also badly alligned, i accidentally bit down and chipped it more. Not really concerned since its fixable but ill probably get it fixed when i get braces to prevent it from another accident chipping in a few years. Haven’t ate a sunflower seed since then😂


This video really lowers the anxiety with chipped tooth
How I got my chipped teeth is I was playing volleyball and the ball hit me in the back of the head (another person accidentally) and then I blacked out (didn’t have a chance to block the fall damage) and I fell down hit tooth first both my front teeth feel out and now I have to go to the dentist